Armin Richter Interiors, Armin Richter and Associates

Magazine San Diego advert circa 1949

Armin Richter was an interior decorator, furniture and decorative arts gallery owner, builder of modern homes, and was considered a trend setter and leading proponent of quality mid-century design.

Mr. Richter was a member of the Building Contractors Association of California, president of the La Jolla Planning Council, a member of the board of directors of La Jolla Art Center, a member of La Jolla Chamber of Commerce and the Architectural League, and chairman of the Architectural Assistance Committee.  He also served as the president of the La Jolla Conservation Society. 

The history of Richter’s gallery was featured in the 2014 La Jolla Historical Society exhibition and publication Climate Change: Midcentury Modern La Jolla.

"Why has Armin Richter and Associates been selected as an outstanding shop? Is it for the fresh appearance of the exterior, or for the handsome contemporary furniture inside representative of the best international efforts? Or were they selected for their vision in pioneering in contemporary furniture when most people were content with the conventional? Perhaps they were chosen because of the spirit of service they represent: their skilled aid in selecting the right combination of colors, fabrics, furniture and its arrangement for everyone considering his budget. The answer is – for all of these reasons. Written description is inadequate to impart the spirit that is Armin Richter and Associates. Only perusal of the various shapes within Mr. Richter’s shop will tell the story of living today and tomorrow with a new kind of life that takes you into consideration, first of all. - San Diego & Point August, 1951

Armin Richter and Associates was located at 7661 Girard Avenue, La Jolla.

Partial List of Projects

Allen, W.M. Allen Co. Office Building (1949)
7931 La Jolla Shores Drive, La Jolla

Bonnell, Henry Residence (1951)
5558 Bellevue Avenue, La Jolla

Bovard, John and Camille Residence (ca. 1940s)
359 Belevedere Street, La Jolla
*Designed by Sim Bruce Richards

Brown, F.S. Residence (1952)
1415 Soledad, La Jolla

Burroughs, Edna Residence (1947)
7975 Calle de la Plata, La Jolla

Casey, F.C. Residence Addition (1951)
1434 La Jolla Knolls, La Jolla

France, George B. Residence (1952)
H11 E. Roseland Drive, La Jolla

Goodwin Residence (1951)
Hidden Valley Road, La Jolla

Hay, Polly Residence (1951)
2535 Ardath Road, La Jolla

MacLaren, A. Residence (1950)
1212 Muirlands Drive, La Jolla

Nelson, W.B. Residence (1947)
351 Mesa Way, La Jolla

Olson, O.A. Residence (1951)
1288 Pueblo, La Jolla

Pratt , H.L. Residence (1950)
Pueblo Lands 1313, La Jolla Farms, La Jolla

Private Residence (1944)
Hidden Valley Ranch, La Jolla

Private Residence (1947)
8140 Paseo del Ocaso, La Jolla

Private Residence (1948)
7701 Exchange Place, La Jolla

Private Residence (1949)
7661 Adobe, La Jolla

Private Residence (1949)
5703 Electric, La Jolla

Private Residence (1949)
Hidden Valley Road, La Jolla

Private Residence (1949)
5536 Beaumont, La Jolla

Private Residence (1949)
6374 Avenida Cresta
*published on 6/26/1949

Private Residence (1952)
1351 Virginia Way, La Jolla

Siner, Mr. & Mrs. Residence (1953)
Mission Valley
*published 10/18/53

Stoefen, Mr. & Mrs. Lester R. Residence (1951)
Avenida de la Playa
*Published 4/1/1951

Showroom circa 1951

Magazine San Diego advert circa 1949

Magazine San Diego advert circa 1949