Spitting in the Wind: John Baldessari signing my exhibition catalog while he makes art out of June.

Saturday August 24, 2014

Ye Olde Union Tribune 'paper' has published highlights of Dave Hampton's Oceanside Museum of Art show 'Spitting in the Wind' HERE.

A new site outlines, and hopefully permanently marks online, the 'Spitting in the Wind' show. Check out the essay and photos HERE.

Bethlehem Baptist Church, built in 1944 in South Los Angeles, is the only church designed by architect Rudolph Schindler. Rev. Melvin Ashley Jr. stumbled on the endangered architectural gem not realizing it is among very few intact modernist structures in the area. Bethlehem Baptist “…was allowed to be abandoned because it wasn't known. I want to put it back on everyone's landscape, so if something happens, someone will know what's happening,” San Diego architect Steve Wallet, told the LA Times. Read and see more HERE.

Architect Gerald Horn has died. He was 79. Horn began his career helping design daring modernist houses in California. The former teacher at the Illinois Institute of Technology's architecture school was among the "Chicago Eleven" architects who revolted against the generic, steel-and-glass boxes of the 1970s. Born in Inglewood, Calif., Mr. Horn received his architectural training in the office of Craig Ellwood, an influential Southern California modernist who designed several of the experimental "Case Study" houses in the 1950s. Mr. Horn moved to Chicago in 1966, drawn by the great modernist Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Despite his Miesian leanings, Mr. Horn joined forces with the Chicago Seven, who made a big splash in 1976 with a provocative exhibition that called for a more pluralistic view of Chicago's architectural past than the one advocated by Mies' followers. After living in the Mies-designed 860 and 880 N. Lake Shore Drive high-rises, the architect and his wife moved to the house he designed near San Francisco.

Designer Deborah Sussman has died – she was 82. Originally from New York, via Chicago's Institute of Design recently enjoyed a show highlighting some of her earliest commissions across two different galleries in Los Angeles, where she has lived and worked since the early 1950s. From her first job at the Eames studio in Venice, CA, to the large-scale graphics she created with a range of architects over the years, including those for the LA Olympic Games in 1984. Sussman ended up in the Eames Office in 1953 following Charles and Ray Eames lecturing at the Institute of Design. While there, Charles Eames asked the school's Konrad Wachsmann if he could recommend a student who would be willing to come out and work for them that summer. "I found out about it by accident," said Sussman. "Walking down the street one of the faculty said, ‘So you're going to Eames?' And I said, ‘What?!' I packed up my belongings, went to New York to say goodbye to my parents and flew out to Los Angeles as quickly as I could." Sussman was 22 at the time. Read more HERE.

John Mock's Island's Restaraunt at the Hanalei Hotel circa 1964

Thursday August 14, 2014

Tiki Oasis kicks off today! Learn more HERE.

Our good friend Darren Bradley will show some of his photos during his session 'CaliTiki' at the Grand Hanalei Ballroom, Crowne Plaza on Friday 8/15 at 11am..

Please go to John Mock's session where he will walk through the 18-year efforts on the Hanalei Hotel. Architect John Mock will presentThe Untold Story: The Eighteen Year Metamorphosis of the Hanalei Hotel’ at the Grand Pacific Room, Crowne Plaza on Sunday August 17th, 12:30 – 1:30 pm. His story starts like this “…In 1964 two young architects, in business for only one year, received a telephone call from a desperate, equally young General Contractor. “We are in trouble, the City red-tagged the remodel of the Crossroads Inn for not having a building permit. Can you prepare plans and obtain a permit right away”? This started eighteen years of remodels, additions and new construction at the soon to be renamed Hanalei Hotel in Mission Valley, by Hendrick & Mock Architects. Charles H. Brown of Atlas Hotels also the Owner/Developer of the Town & Country Hotel, Mission Valley Inn and Kings Inn had taken over the failed early California themed Rancho Presidio Inn. He was creating a new Polynesian restaurant using the labor of his staff maintenance workers from the three hotels. On our immediate visit to the hotel, we met the famous Tiki Designer (although we didn’t know it), George Nakashima standing by a drafting board directing a dozen Mexican workers in creating the Islands Restaurant. We discussed ideas, measured the area then worked all night to produce the interior working drawings for quick City approval. We then were allowed the fun of redesigning the exterior for a South Seas look; with volcanic rock, wood siding, roof out-riggers, bamboo and palm trees, and a giant birdcage with tropical sounds. To enter the restaurant you passed into an A-Frame structure guarded by two tikis, onto a bridge over a pool and waterfalls to an entry made from an old ships door. The tropical Islands were calling. This was the beginning of our longest relationship with a client in my 32 years of architectural practice. From 1964 to 1982, we redesigned the facility, in my estimation, to be the finest Polynesian resort hotel and restaurant property in the United States. In this seminar you will learn about everything from the ‘tallest reinforced loadbearing concrete masonry building in the United States’ to the installation of artifacts from Stephen Crane's Beverly Hills Luau restaurant through detailed photos and drawings that will reveal the mystery of The Islands, the lost restaurant…”


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