Balboa Park

American Legion Post No. 839 (1952)
Designed by Richard Zerbe

Children’s Zoo Entry Dome (1955)
Designed by Lloyd Ruocco

Children’s Zoo, Penguin Encounter (remodel)
Designed by Lloyd Ruocco and Homer Delawie

Ford Building (1935)
*Now the Aerospace Museum

Designed by Walter Dorwin Teague

Penguin House (1959)
San Diego Zoo

Designed by Frank L. Hope and Charles Faust

San Diego Fine Arts Galley (1966)
Designed by Mosher & Drew
*Bronze gates and fascia by Malcolm Leland

San Diego Zoo Elephant Mesa
Designed by Liebhardt & Weston

Timken Museum (1965)
Designed by Frank L. Hope and John Mock

San Diego Veterans War Memorial Building (1950)
3325 Zoo Drive, San Diego
By Samuel W. Hammill and John S. Siebert