Also See the July 1957 article on Clairemont in San Diego & Point Magazine

Atonement Lutheran Church (1962)
7250 Eckstrom, San Diego
Designed by Maul & Pulver

Clairemont Branch Public Library (1958)
2920 Burgener Blvd
Designed by Herluf Brydegaard

Clairemont Drive Commercial Building (1963)
3050 Clairemont Drive
Designed by Alan Daun and Arthur C. Hoelck for developer Irving Kahn

Clairemont Family Reformed Church (1960)
3520 Mt. Acadia Blvd
Designed by Norman S. Johnson

Clairemont Health Center
3040 Clairemont Drive
Designed by Richard H. Wheeler

Clairemont Lutheran

Clairemont Lutheran (1965)
4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Designed by Robert Des Lauriers

Clairemont Mortuary (1963)
4266 Mt. Abernathy Way
Designed by Victor L. Wulff

Cubic (1961)
Balboa & Ponderosa
Designed by Lykos & Goldhammer

Green, Alvin E. & Maxine Residence (1952)
2847 Arnott Street

Robert Des Lauriers Horizon Home

Horizon Homes Contest Winner (1961)
5708 Abernathy Way

Designed by Robert Des Lauriers

North Clairemont Public Library

North Clairemont Branch Library (1960)
4616 Clairemont Drive
Designed by Robert J. Platt

Northminster Presbyterian - Des Lauriers design in 'Shot-Crete'

Northminster Presbyterian (1965)
4324 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Designed by Robert Des Lauriers

Pioneer Congregational Church (1966)
4905 Jellett

Designed by Lloyd Ruocco

Security Trust National Bank (1958)

Security Trust National Bank (1958)
4003 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Designed by Richard Wheeler

Sequoia Elementary (1960)
4690 Limerick Ave.
Designed by Thomas Erchul, AIA

St. Catherine Laboure (1966)

St. Catherine Laboure (1966)
4124 Mt. Abraham Ave.
Designed by Al Macy

Whittier Elementary (1954)
3401 Clairemont Drve
Designed by Herluf Brydegaard