Abrams, Harold
Ain, Gregory
Alexander, Robert E.
Anderson, Guy
Antelline, Jon P.
Applebaum, Norm
Batter-Kay Associates
Beadle, Alfred
Beckett, Welton
Benedict, Hiram Hudson
Bird, Fujimoto & Fish
Bonini, Vincent
Brownell, J. Herbert
Buff, Straub and Hensman
Campbell, Donald
Cody, William F.
Crane, Loch
Dammann, Bruce
Davis, Ronald K.
Decker, Arthur
Delawie, Homer
Des Lauriers, Robert
Drake, Gordon
Eckel, George
Eggers, Henry
Ellwood, Craig
Ferris, Robert
Fickett, Edward
Forester, Russell
Fowble, Robert
French, Stanley J.
Frey, Albert
Gill, Irving
Goldberg, Bertrand
Goldman, Donald
Gordon, Kenneth & Robert
Grossman, Greta
Hagadone, Walter
Harris, Harwell Hamilton
Henderson, John
Hester, Henry
Hope, Frank
Hufbauer, Clyde
Hubbell, James
Jones, A. Quincy
Jones, Robert E.
Kahn, Louis
Kellogg, Dick
Kellogg, Kendrick Bangs
Kesling, William
Killingsworth, Brady & Smith
Kowalski, Joseph
Krisel, William
Ladd, Thornton
Lareau, Richard
Lautner, John
Leitch, Richard
Liebhardt, Frederick
Livingstone, Fred
Loring, Arthur
Lotery, Rex
Lumpkins, William
Lykos, George
Macy, Al
Malone, Ed
Marr, Clinton
Matthews, Roger
May, Cliff
McKim, Paul
Mitchell, Delmar
Mock, John
Mortenson, John
Mosher & Drew
Naegle, Dale
Neptune & Thomas
Neutra, Richard
Nomland & Nomland
Norris, Fred
Paderewski, CJ
Patrick, William
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Paulson, Ted
Periera & Luckman
Platt, Robert
Ray, Eugene
Reed, John
Richards, Sim Bruce
Risley and Gould
Rosser, William
Ruocco, Lloyd
Salerno, Daniel
Schindler, Rudolph
Schoell & Geritz
Sigurdson, John
Simpson and Gerber
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Slatton, William
Soriano, Raphael
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Stimmel, William
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Therkelsen, Lloyde
Tucker, Sadler & Bennett
Turner, Herb
Veitzer, Leonard
Vickery, Dean
Weir Brothers
Weston, Eugene III
Wheeler, Richard
Wright, Frank Lloyd
Wright, John Lloyd
Wright, Lloyd
Wulff and Fifield

Cliff May (1909-1989)

Vista Del Loma ca. 1958-59. Photo by J.B. Koch

Cliff May played a significant role in influencing postwar domestic architecture. May was born in San Diego in 1908. As a young man May built Monterey-style furniture prior. In 1931 he began his work as a designer/builder in San Diego and La Jolla. He moved to Los Angeles in 1936, where he expanded his design work into development. By 1941 he had established a national reputation as the designer of the California Ranch House. After World War II he collaborated with Sunset Magazine in publishing "Western Ranch Houses." During the following decades he designed houses which were built in the U. S., Europe, South America, and elsewhere. In total over one thousand custom homes, and several tract house plans resulting in more than 18,000 tract houses came from his pen. His patio-oriented ranch style houses have been extensively copied by developers across the country.

The San Diego Historical Society has the following in their Architectural archive:
Residence at 6303 South La Jolla Scenic Drive (Historical House Relocation, the address given on the cover is 7455 Hillside Drive, La Jolla, a reproduction of the promotional material on the binder cover implies that the house was built by Cliff May)
5 mylar reproductions, August 26, 2001

Published Resources on Cliff May

Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House by Daniel P. Gregory, Joe Fletcher, and Joel Silver (Rizzoli, 2008)

Cliff May, Western Ranch Houses, a Sunset book, Lane Publishing Company, Menlo Dark, 1958.

Online Resources on Cliff May
Rancho Style

Cliff May Registry

SF Gate profile of author Daniel Gregory's home can be found HERE.

Vista Del Loma ca. 1958-59. Photo by J.B. Koch

Partial List of San Diego Projects

A.O. Miracle Company Residence (1932)
San Diego

Aldrete, Alberto Sr. Residence (1934)

Alexander, Dr. Franz Residence (1935-36)
5759 Dolphin Place, La Jolla

Allen, Richard Residence (1933)
3597 Lomacitas Lane, Bonita

Axline, Rea A. Residence (1978)
Rancho Santa Fe

Beardsley, Dr. John Residence (Novembe 27r, 1933)
3130 Shadowlawn Court, Loma Portal

Belcher, Frank G. Jr. Residence (1968)
Prestwick Estates, La Jolla

Burnham, Marston Residence (1947)
La Jolla

Clotfelter/Pettit Developers Condominiums (1978)
Poco a Poco, Rancho Santa Fe

Colby, Thomas Residence (1940)
Rancho Bendito, Valley Center/Escondido

Cottrell, George F. (1935-36)
7819 (now 7727) Lookout, La Jolla

Crouse, Col. Alphus (August 18, 1935)
9434 Sierra Vista, Mt. Helix

Daniel, Harry M. Residence (1971)
Five Diamonds, Borrego Springs

Dittenhaver, N.B. Residence (November 28, 1934)
3462 Malito Drive, Bonita

Eason Residence in Alvarado Estates

Eason, Fred S. Residence (1964)
4777 Avion Way, San Diego

El Campo Santo (1932)
Cemetary Wall, Old Town

Fairchild, David Residence Remodel (1984)
6126 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla

Farenholt, Adm A. Residence (April 2, 1936)
3626 Hyacinth, Loma Portal

Fowler, Smith G. Residence (1944)
Rancho Jamacha, Spring Valley

Frank, Lt. Nicholas Residence (May 26, 1936)
266 I Street, Coronado

Galloway, Frank and Peggy Residence (1958)

Gardner, Cmdr. Mat Residence (June 26,1936)
3rd and J Streets, Coronado

Garrett Residence

Garrett, J. Cliff Residence (ca. 1945)
30845 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center

Gaynes, Arthur M. Residence (1935)
9411 Lavell, Mt. Helix

Giacobine, Clifford Residence (1977)

Graves, George Residence (1935)

Hauser, Rupert V. Residence (1949)
331 Verbena, Borrego Springs

Highland, Alex Residence (October 10, 1934)
2400 Presidio Drive, San Diego

Hodge, Sheldon Spec House #1 (August 19, 1933)
4365 Altamirano, San Diego

Hodge, Sheldon Spec House #2 (July 9, 1935)
4669 Altamirano, San Diego

Hodge, Sheldon Spec House #3 (August 30, 1935)
2440 Marilouise Way, San Diego

Hopkins, Mrs. I.M. (1945)
Warner Hot Springs

Horton, Hiram Spec House #1 (April 23, 1935)
7447 Hillside Drive, La Jolla

Horton, Hiram Spec House #2 (April 23, 1935)
7455 Hillside Drive, La Jolla

Horton, Hiram Spec House #3 (April 23, 1935)
7575 Hillside Drive, La Jolla

Horton, Hiram Spec House #4 (April 30, 1935)
7477 Hillside Drive, La Jolla

Hyde Residence (1938)
160 G Ave, Coronado   

Kilbourne, Don B. Residence (1936)

Knauss, Cmdr. E. Residence (1935)
633 Alameda Avenue, Coronado

Langston, Wade Residence (May 1, 1934)
6116 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla

Lindstrom, Cpt. William Residence (Spec House #2) (February 2, 1933)
4669 East Talmadge Drive, San Diego

Llwellyn, David Residence (1936)

Magee, Louis Residence Remodel (1947)
San Luis Rey Valley, Oceanside

Magee, Victor and Norma Residence Remodel (1984)
San Diego

May, Cliff Residence (April 9, 1935)
4338 Adams Avenue, Talmadge Park

McDaniel, Rex Residence (1952)

Model Home (1955)
2957 54th Street, San Diego

Model Home (1955)
1074 Merrit Drive, El Cajon

Nuckolls, Mrs. George H. Residence (September 9, 1936)
6004 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla

O'LearyCol. Arthur Spec House (February 27, 1932)
4725 Norma Drive, San Diego

Owen, William Residence (1954)
3003 Thornton Place, San Diego

Parzen, Dr. Zane Residence Remodel (1973)
Camino de la Costa, La Jolla

Peacock, Mrs. Marie Residence (1935)
445 Arenas, La Jolla

Private Residence (June, 1934)
3855 Sweetwater Road, Bonita

Private Residence (1953)
2021 Diegueno, Borrego Springs

Private Residence (1935)
200 Palm Ave, Coronado

Private Residence (1937)
266 I Ave, Coronado          

Private Residence (1955)
521 Avenida Primavera, Del Mar

Private Residence (1955)
1634 Forest Way, Del Mar

Private Residence (1941)
6117 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla

Private Residence (1940)
1488 Gustavo Street, El Cajon

Private Residence (1936)
9291 Lavell Street, La Mesa      

Private Residence (1940)
9434 Sierra Vista Avenue, La Mesa

Private Residence (1936)
3625 Dupont Street, San Diego

Private Residence (August, 1933)
4365 Altamarino Way, San Diego

Rollins, Dick Cottage (1953)
Rincon Springs, La Jolla

Romagnolo, Michael (Tovrea) Residence Remodel (1936)
2951 Bessemer Street, San Diego

Seligman, Cmdr. Mort T. Residence (1935)
777 G Street, Coronado

Shipley, Phil Residence (1967)

Simons, Allan D. Residence Remodel (1983)
17538 El Vuelo Road, Rancho Santa Fe

Smith, Harold Residence (1948)
Spindrift Drive, La Jolla

Styles, Hugh B. Residence (1953)
8545 Chevy Chase Drive, La Mesa

Sweetwater Women’s Club Building (June 15, 1934)
3855 Sweetwater Road, Bonita
Client: Mrs. Hiram Horton

Tait, M.E. Residence (1935)
4291 Van Dyke Place, San Diego

Thompson, Marge Residence (1949)
Del Mar

Trenchard, Col. O.H.B. Residence (March 28, 1936)
6126 Avenida Cresta, La Jolla

Tucker, Harry F. Residence (1936)
4366 Altamirano, San Diego

Vista Del Loma ca. 1958-59. Photo by J.B. Koch

Vista Del Loma Model Home and Housing Tract (ca. 1955)
Homes can be found on the following streets: West Vista Way, North Melrose Drive, Santa Clara Drive, Amador Avenue, Yacon Street, Salina Court, Anns Way and Colusa Way.

Wier, Maj. J.L. Residence (1945)
Warner Hot Springs

Wolfe, Col. And Mrs. Frank C. Residence (1945)
Valley Center

Woods, Cmdr. William Residence (December, 1934)
7575 Hillside Drive, La Jolla

Woods, Dr. and Mrs. Ward Wilson Residence (1952)
La Jolla

Youngblood, James H. Residence (1972)
La Valle Plateada, Rancho Santa Fe