BLOG ARCHIVE - December 2005

Thursday December 29th 2005

Spanning the county from El Cajon to La Jolla today, we found, and failed to find some gems. Heading east we first took in Sim Bruce Richards' Palk Residence in La Mesa. With one of A Quincy Jones' Sun Villas nearby, we could not hardly resist snapping a photo of this post 'n' beam beauty. Eastward, we snapped a shot of one of the early Jack in the Box restaraunts by Russell Forester. Though it has been remodeled, it's a reminder of this San Diego based company's early interest in modernism. Now if we could only convince them to restore their early dispensaries for historical purposes (not to mention besting In-n-Out's cool factor). Driving east to Jamacha Road in El Cajon was a bust - we failed to locate Richards' 1965 Bauer Residence at its prescribed location. Zig zagging across lanes (a BMW Mini guided us through some good lane change decisions), we made it to Old Town. Here we failed to locate Richards last architecture office (1976-on) at 2377 Linwood where he also made a few alterations to the building. Up through Mission Hills we searched for Richards' Merwin Residence (circa 1966), only to find a stucco mansion at its address. We hope Richards' project was never completed and this ugly thing has been standing on the site (rather than replacing Merwin later) for a long time. On the way home, we finally took the opportunity to snap a shot of one of Richards' very last projects - Brav & Schwartz Law Offices (circa 1982 - Bruce passed away in 1984). The day closed with a lovely evening with Ted Paulson's family (and our new friend Kathy) in the home he designed circa 1949-1950 (pictures are forthcoming).

Wednesday December 28th 2005

Today's drive started toward Pacfic Beach on the way to see the record-high surf. First we stopped by Sim Bruce Richards' ZLAC Rowing Club (annex building) to find it recently (horribly) remodeled. Down the street, we located Richards' Bennett Residence in decent shape but in dire need of some landscape maintenance. Across the street from Bennett, we sighted Fred Livingstone's Aston Residence - which may have been one of the area's coolest mid-century beach houses ala Sarasota, Florida architect Ralph Twitchell. Livingstone was in private practice when he built Aston, but following his degree from USC, he worked for Wright & Wright, then Paderewski, Mitchell and Dean and years later, Frank Hope. On our way through La Jolla, we located a nice Richards design at 1644 Crespo that looks to be under restoration (let's hope that's what all those contractors are up to). While in La Jolla, we couldn't locate Richards projects that were slated for Dolphin Place, Palomar or La Canada. With tons of new houses on these streets, it's hard to say if there ever were Richards projects on any of these streets. Just for a grin, we snapped more photos of 6063 Folsom Drive while in the Bird Rock area -- 'cause it's such a beauty. The owner of the Ostenberg Residence welcomed us up the driveway to snap photos -- a fantastic house atop the world (photos soon).

Tuesday December 27th 2005

I survived the HN51 (aka Avian Flu) outbreak of 2005. It was tough going, but the great nursing staff at the Craig Ellwood medical complex made it easier. The only updates today are spelling, grammar and such. I know, I know, you were dying for something MORE from your MSD holiday elfs. You're going to have to tough it out. The New Year is right around the corner -- and we're spending the next few days hunting down some more Sim Bruce Richards projects to snap photos of. Ted Paulson's own home will appear on the site shortly. Also, the College Area, Alvarado Estates and Del Cerro are under the current magnifying glass and plugged into Thus far the Rex Lotery in Alvarado Estates has outpaced everything we've driven past in the last few months).

Thursday December 22nd 2005

One more A Quincy Jones "Sun Villa" has been identified at 5417 Pennsylvania Lane in the Rasonia neighborhood (between 70th Street and Del Cerro). In that same neighborhood a Palmer & Krisel tract home is up for sale.


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