Del Cerro

Bruner Residence (1968)
6457 Elmhurst
Designed by Ronald K. Davis

Del Cerro Residence (1961)
5657 Del Cerro Avenue
Designed by Homer Delawie

Greenwood Residence (1964)
6567 Linda Lane
Designed by John R. Mock

Guth Residence

Guth Residence
5820 Madra Avenue

Designed by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Heald Residence (1964)
6828 Elaine Way
Designed by Robert Des Lauriers

Jacobson Residence (1968)
5827 Overlake
Designed by Don Goldman

Kopecky Residence (1963)

Kopecky Residence(1963)
5959 Madra Avenue

Designed by Fred R. Livingstone

Merritt, Bill Residence (1965)
6467 Elmhurst
Designed by Dean Vickery

John R. Mock Residence (1969)

Mock, John R. Residence (1969)
6410 Elmhurst

Designed by John R. Mock

Nestor, Burton H. Residence (1963)
5841 College Avenue

Our Lady of Grace (1970)
2766 Navajo Road

Designed by Arthur Decker

Pan Pacific House

Pan Pacific House (1959)
6361 Elmhurst Drive, Del Cerro
Designed by Richard Lareau

Private Residence
Madra Drive
Designed by Paul McKim

Private Residence
5991 Madra
Designed by William Stimmel

Private Residence attributed to C.J. Paderewski

Private Residence
5752 Calvin

Attributed to C.J. Paderewski

Richardson, Bill Residence (1963)
5833 College Avenue

Designed by Dick Lareau Associate Bill Richardson

San Carlos Golf Course Clubhouse
Designed by Henry Hester

Sears Residence (1965)
6477 Elmhurst

Sigurdson, John Residence (1963)
6619 Linda Lane
Designed by John Sigurdson

Solomon Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman.
© J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Solomon, Herbert Residence (1964)
6827 Elaine Way, Del Cerro

Spec House (1960)

Spec House (1960)
5991 Madra Drive
Designed by Dean Vickery