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Henry Hartwell Hester

Butler Realty. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Though his designs for Gerald Jerome, Colonel Irving Salomon and Jonathan Edwards were widely published through Julius Shulman’s timeless images, the La Jolla based architect was a private man. Married twice (Piretta, Nancy) and raising a son and a daughter, Henry Hester retired in the late 1980s from his downtown La Jolla office, leaving his 2nd home on Torrey Pines Road to golf and health in Palm Springs, California.

La Jolla Light August 25, 1960

Henry Hester was born May 30, 1925 in Vinita, Oklahoma to Loraine Burgess Hester (who was part Cherokee) and Alford Vernon Hester. Named after his two grandfathers, young Henry attended Roosevelt Junior High and Brown Military Academy in San Diego then San Diego State College (1945-47). He secured his BS in Architecture from USC in 1952.According to the San Diego Union Tribune, “I knew him at USC and he was a talent even then,” Hal Sadler said. “He was recognized by a group of USC people who came to San Diego as one of the early standouts in design."

Between 1950-52, Mr. Hester worked for Kenneth N. Lind as a draftsman. He worked for Lloyd Ruocco (1952) before establishing Henry H. Hester, AIA in 1954. Upon moving to La Jolla. Designing two homes for himself (also photographed by Shulman) in addition to a wide array of residential and commercial commissions, Hester had the good fortune of a small personal inheritance that allowed him to pick only the clients and projects he felt strongly about.

Through the years, Henry Hester would join in partnership with Frederick Liebhardt (ca. 1957), Ronald K. Davis (ca. 1958-60 as Hester & Davis), William F. Cody (ca. 1958-1960 as Cody & Hester), fellow USC-grad Robert E. Jones (ca. 1960-67 as Hester & Jones and Hester, Jones & Associates), with Fred Livingstone (as Hester & Livingstone) as well as Roger Zucchat and David Lorimer. According to his obituary, Hester worked alongside Lloyd Ruocco in some capacity. Projects, while mainly focused in the San Diego area, stretched to Denver, Albuquerque, Florida and throughout California.

Over the years he was published in over 30 architectural magazines and three hard cover books noting his status as a significant local architect. His local and national AIA awards are numerous across a wide range of projects. In May, 2006 Henry Hester was profiled by Dwell Magazine regarding the restoration of the Salomon Apartments on 6th Avenue. Refusing to be aligned with the renovation, he felt the alteration of the project was significant enough that is was no longer his work.

Henry Hester’s designs peaked during as Julius Shulman recently stated, “a good period of architecture when San Diego  was just beginning to express itself in favor of modernism… in the early years…the International Style was not accepted… Hester and others warmed up the work quite a bit and edited it in a way that clients would accept.”

Henry Hester raced Formula One cars nationally, rode motorcycles in Mexico and held a multi-engine pilot's license throughout his career. He sailed with the Coronado Yacht Club and Isla Del Sol Yacht Club (in St. Petersburg, FL), In addition to his interest in windsurfing, water skiing and dominoes, Hester was a devoted golfer at La Jolla Country Club, Fairbanks Ranch Country Club, and Indian Ridge Country Club (in Palm Desert).

Among the few articles on Henry Hester, the September 1983 San Diego Magazine review of San Diego’s architectural firms included a very brief description of his firm: “In the last seven years Hester has limited his practice to custom residential projects. A solid “contemporary architect,” he says his work runs “a broad gamut, from designing houses with limited budgets to designing houses with no budgets at all.” He also incorporates landscaping and interior work into his practice.”

Partial List of San Diego Projects

American Housing Guild Subdivision House (1961-63)

American Housing Guild Subdivision House (1961) by Hester, Jones & Associates
Tracts in Linda Vista, San Carlos and Serra Mesa)

Borrego Springs Park - Borrego Springs Resort (1963)
Tilting T and Borrego Valley Road

Butler Realty/Professional Building
1635 Rosecrans, Point Loma
Hester & Davis

Casey, McClenahan and Christensen

Casey, McClenahan and Christensen (1961)
110 Laurel Street
Hester & Davis

Casey, McClenahan and Christensen

Cornelius Residence (1958)
10385 Bonnie Lane

Del Mar Residence (1962)
Hester, Jones & Associates
San Diego AIA Award of Merit (1963)

Del Mar Residence (1963)
San Diego AIA Award of Merit (1964)

Detchon, Mr & Mrs John A. Residence
4284 Ibis Street, Mission Hills
Landscape by Joe Yamada

Edwards Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Edwards, Jonathan Residence (1962)
2701 Bernardo Avenue, Escondido
Hester & Davis

El Patio Building (1962)
Ivanhoe, La Jolla
Hester & Davis

Givler Residence (1958)
329 Catarina Drive, Borrego Springs
Hester & Davis

Gleich Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Gleich, Martin L. & Enid Residence (1958)
5120 Norris Road
Hester & Davis
Notes: Award of Excellence, AIA San Diego 1960. Landscape by Wimmer & Yamada.

Golden, Ken Residence
Point Loma

Hester Residence #1. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Hester, Henry Residence #1 (1956)
1630 Mimulus Way, La Jolla
Featured in Architectural Record, August 1962

Hester, Henry Residence #2 (1964)
7145 Fairway Road, La Jolla

Hill Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Hill, Leslie Residence (1970)
3075 N. Arroyo Drive, San Diego

Horizon Home. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Horizon Home Contest Winner (1963)
2726 Angell Avenue, University City

Hughes, Charlie Residence (1963)
2608 Angell Avenue, University City
*Based on the Horizon Home design

Hughes, Palmer Office Building (1962)
7863 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla

Hester, Jones & Associates

Gerald Jerome Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Jerome, Gerald W. Town House (1961)
7930 Prospect Place
Hester, Jones & Associates

Jones Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Jones, Robert E. Residence (1962)
2041 Balboa
Hester & Jones

Real Estate Brokers Association Building (1965) by Henry Hester
Photography: Darren Bradley (2013)

La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association (1965)
908 Kline Street, La Jolla

Maynard Residence (1958)
1001 Avenida Amantea, La Jolla
Blueprints drawn by Ron Davis

Mueller Residence. Photograph by Julius Shulman

Mueller, Carl Residence (1956)
3516 Carleton Street, Point Loma

Mueller Tuckett Office. Photograph by Julius Shulman.

Mueller Tuckett Offices (1965)
3442-3444 Hancock Street, Point Loma

Pearson Ford (ca. 1966)
Fairmount & El Cajon Blvd.

Private Residence (1955)
6632 Via Manona, La Jolla

Private Residence (1960)
7525 Miramar Road

Private Residence (ca. 1955)
1602 Mimulus Way, La Jolla

Private Residence
1595 Coast Walk, La Jolla

Private Residence (1964)
7363 Fairway, La Jolla

Private Residence
9982 Shadow Road, Mt Helix

PSA Building (1968)
Hester & Livingston

Salomon Apartments (1959). Photograph by Julius Shulman

Salomon Apartments (1959)
3200 6th Avenue
Hester & Davis
Each of the apartment floorplans are individual adding variety to exterior elements. Distinguishable block-like balconies become outside rooms enhancing privacy from neighboring tenants. Award of Merit, AIA San Diego 196

Schwartz Residence (1959)

Schwartz, Lyn Residence (1959)
5483 Drover, College Area
Hester & Davis

Silverman, Richard Residence (1958)
4021 Miller, Mission Hills
Cody & Hester

Solomon, Herbert Residence (1964)
6827 Elaine Way, Del Cerro

Spec House (1962)
North Lane on right (South) side of the street.
Hester & Davis