BLOG ARCHIVE - June 2006

Saturday June 24th 2006

Five days just flew by... We are back in town after two weeks in Cape Cod (pics to be posted shortly). Getting the house back in order has been a great chore, but we're getting close. I will be adding a ton of new addresses to the MyMaps section shortly. To my knowledge, no other important buildings have been demolished since I posted last week. Also -- I will be launching a proper "blog" interface shortly so you can comment on my ramblings and photographs.

Monday June 19th 2006

While I am sure you have all read the UT article about the demolition of Edward Durrell Stone's Christian Science Church in Poway, it still has yet to settle in that this fine building is lost forever. I grew up only a couple of blocks from its glass pyramid. What a sad event. The College Area Home Tour went off without a hitch (I hear), while I was driving around MIT and Harvard looking at Gropius, Les Corbusier and Saarinen designs. Following my recent vacation, I will be putting up a Cape Cod Modern page just for fun.

Thursday June 15th 2006

A few small updates, including a new rendering by J. Herbert Brownell of the Herrmann Residence in La Jolla. Our elfin data entry staff is up to 374 sites in the My Maps section. La Jolla's modern projects will be the next portion of the county uploaded to the map section. Once the main uploading is done, each address will be added as-discovered and unless noteworthy will not likely include a mention in this section. We are still awaiting some exciting Real Estate section additions as well as the completion of mini-sites on Richard Lareau and Richard George Wheeler. I just picked up a great book on William Adair Bernoudy to aid in my Sim Bruce Richards research - a great book if you are a Wright (via a Taliesin apprentice) fan.

Tuesday June 13th 2006

Del Mar projects have been added to the My Maps section. We are now at 320 sites in the database -- Point Loma and La Jolla are next. While in Cape Cod we have discovered projects by Serge Chermayeff, Marcel Breur, The Architects Collective, Tony Smith and Jack Hall... more to come on that front. If you want info on the June 17th College Area Home tour e-mail James Newland. I will be hosting mini-tours of the "Hampton Collection" art exhibit at the offices of KPBS TV & Radio in the future - if you are interested in local mid-century San Diego artists. More on that later...

Monday June 12th 2006

The staff at MSD have been hard at work doing data entry. We now have 273 addresses of modern projects in the My Maps section. We will be finalizing Point Loma, Del Mar, and La Jolla sections on the map this week.

Sunday June 11th 2006

We hit our stride last month... 2,800 visitors to Modern San Diego Dot Com. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. If you have any thoughts on boosting traffic (San Diego ConVis, other modernism sites) please let me know. Already we have 230 modern projects loaded in the My Maps section -- if you have any addresses, send them my way.

Friday June 9th 2006

Web 2.0 arrives. These new "2.0" applications - Flickr, MapBuilder and RSS - have buttons in the left-hand navigation area and join Wikipedia as the latest interfaces with Modern San Diego resources. These will become the new primary tools for sharing San Diego's modernist resources.

Thursday June 8th 2006

Craig Ellwood's Bobertz Residence (1955) will be a part of the College Area home tour put on by James Newland this Saturday (6/10). I launched a Flickr site with the user name Modern San Diego. I will be posting all of the photos on my hard drive on Flickr. If you forget about today's announcement, I have added a link to the Flickr site in the navigation bar to the left. Coming on the market soon is the 1962 Discovery House designed for Sunset Magazine by architect Henrik Bull. While the 1962 published photos are of the original house built in Sacramento, a San Diego family bought the plans and built the same project near El Cajon. The price will be around $700K but comes with a lot of land and three distinct pavilions connected by glass corridors. Drop me a line if you want the scoop.


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