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Kellogg, Kendrick Bangs
Kesling, William
Killingsworth, Brady & Smith
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Lareau, Richard
Lautner, John
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Wright, Lloyd
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Kendrick Bangs Kellogg (b. 1934)

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg grew up in Mission Beach, in the backyard of his family home, where he is said to have designed and built his first structure - a fort or club house of sorts. He attended the University of Colorado, University of Southern California, and the University of California at Berkeley.

In April 1955, Ken and his fellow architecture students from the University of Colorado (Boulder) took a field trip to see the architecture of Phoenix and Scottsdale. Here he met Frank Lloyd Wright and heard him speak for the first time. In his interview with Mr. Wright, Ken realized that the unaccredited school may not be the best direction to take at the time but hung on every of Mr. Wright's words. He would later hear a great number of stories from Taliesin Fellows about their time with Mr. Wright.

Ken Kellogg returned to San Diego and work in the offices of Sim Bruce Richards, during the summer of ’55 and ’56 building models for residences on the Kona Coast of Hawaii and in Rancho Santa Fe, and Dale Naegle.

Ken met Russell and Vergie Babcock at the time they were renting a 2nd floor apartment on Bayside Walk in Mission Beach from a family friend. It was at a time when Ken was discovering himself through Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and philosophy. Russell Babcock told Ken of the house they hired Lloyd Wright to build at the north end of park ave overhanging mission valley – though it was never built. The Babcocks initially asked Ken to design an addition to their "Sanatorium" in National City, and then in the summer of 1957, they told him of their purchase of a small lot off San Luis Ray Place and asked him to design a house. They requested an "A-frame" with a copper roof, and the Babcock Residence was born.

Ken became friends with La Jolla architect (and former Taliesin Fellow) Frederick Liebhart. As a boy (the future president) of Chart House Restaurant, Buzzy Bent, worked on Fred's house as a laborer---and got "organic architecture" mixed into his bloodstream. Not too late after starting the Chart House Restaurant chain in 1960, Buzzy contacted Ken to design their Santa Barbara location. From there, organic architecture would, in part, define the chain as unique.

In 1964 Kellogg received his architect's license and in 1966, he obtained a building contractor's license followed by a national license in 1979 and an international license in 1998.

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Partial List of Projects

Atoll House. Photo by Julius Shulman / © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Atoll (Mr. & Mrs. Turney) House (1972)
9805 Black Gold Road, La Jolla

Babcock Residence. Photographer Unknown

Babcock Residence (1957)
2695 Bayside Walk

Babcock Sanitarium (1957)
National City, CA

Baher, Dr. Cambiz & Constance Residence (1975)
4324 Camino Privado, Rancho Santa Fe

Bailey Residence

Bailey Residence (1984)
10650 Old Castle Road, Valley Center

Baras, Bill and Carol Residence
4845 Lomitas Drive, San Diego, CA
*Remodel of 1949 residence

Bertine Residence (1976)
750 Val Sereno Drive, Encinitas

Bridge Medical Building
120 S. Sierra Avenue, Solana Beach, CA

Burhans Residence
*Unbuilt - planned for Encinitas

Chapman, Barbara & Wayne Residence (1972)
353 Glenmont Drive, Solana Beach
*Remodeled by Kellogg following a house fire

Chart House

Chart House (1977)
69934 California Route 111, Rancho Mirage
*Destroyed by fire in 2012

Chart House Restaurant (remodel)
Westwood, CA

Chart House Restaurant
Santa Barbara , CA

Chart House Restaurant (remodel)
Point Loma, CA

Chart House Restaraunt
231 Yacht Club Way, Redondo Beach, California

Chart House Restaraunt
34442 Street of the Green Lantern, Dana Point, California

Chart House

Chart House Restaraunt
1501 River Place Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida

Chart House Restaurant
1270 Prospect, La Jolla

Cornish Residence (1974)
7878 Lookout Drive, La Jolla

Doolittle Residence

Doolittle Residence (1990)
7263 Mount Shasta Avenue, Joshua Tree, CA

Fritz Pearl's Gestalt Therapy Center

Gordon Residence. Photo by Julius Shulman / © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Gordon, Larry & Gayle Residence (Wave House) (1972)
1646 Yost Street, Pacific Beach

Guth Residence (1970)
5820 Madra, Del Cerro

Hoshino Wedding Chapel

Hoshino Wedding Chapel
Karuizawa, Japan

Hypnos Morpheus Office Interiors (1979)
Mission Valley

Institute of Organic Architecture
South Side of Palomar Mountain

Josepho Residence (1988)
8208 Paseo Del Ocaso, La Jolla

Kellogg House

Kellogg House & Studio (1960)
836-838 Balboa Court, Mission Beach

Kellogg, Kendrick Bangs Residence (1972)
15415 Topa Rd. Pauma Valley, CA

Koshaarkarian Residence (1972)
1672 Los Altos Drive, Pacific Beach

Kraves Residence (1966)
6621 Neptune, La Jolla

Lake Hodges House

Lake Hodges House, Escondido

Le duc, Ector Residence (1963, 1994)
El Camino Teatro, La Jolla

Ledbetter, Franck Residence (1968)
3545 Inez Street, Point Loma

Madruga Residence (1968)
3036 Rogers Street, Point Loma

Manchester Ship Terminal
Houston, TX

McInnis Residence

McInnis, Jim & Gail Residence (1968)
10087 Shadow Road, La Mesa, CA

Moonlight Residence
La Jolla, CA

Olfe Residence (1973)
8220 Paseo del Ocaso, La Jolla

Onion House. Photo courtesy of the Elizabeth von Beck archives

Onion House (1962)
Kawa Kona, Hawaii

Outrider Restaurant

Outrider Restaurant (1993)
4444 Mission Blvd, Pacific Beach

Private Residence
Rancho Mirage, CA

Private Residence (1960, 1995)
701 Hoska, Del Mar

Shore Residence

Shore, Scott Residence (1986)
3917 Oceanside Walk, Mission Beach

Silva Residence

Silva, Edward P. Residence (1959)
596 San Eiljo, Point Loma

Townhouses (1968)
1117 Isabella Avenue, Coronado

Wedding Dress Shop (1963)

Wedding Dress Shop (1963)
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
*Designed for client James Hubbell's Mother

WestWay House. Photo by Environs

West Way (Szekeley/Thomas) House (1977)
8456 Westway Drive, La Jolla

Wingsweep. Photo by Aeron Tozier

Wingsweep Residence (1987)
38445 Overview Road, Temecula, CA

Yen Residence. Photo by Julius Shulman / © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Yen, Sam Residence (AKA Lotus House) (1981)
7799 Starlight Drive, La Jolla