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Richard John Lareau, AIA

Gale W. and Ruth C. Sheldon Residence (1961). Photograph by Edward Sievers

Richard "Dick" Lareau (pronounced Luh-Roh as in Henry David Thoreau) was born in Bremerton, Washington. After his father was stationed at a number of Naval facilities, the Lareau family settled in Chula Vista. Richard graduated from Sweetwater High School as the war ended in 1945.

While still in school, the young Lareau would visit his older brother on the Cal Berkeley campus. To this day he recalls the impression his brother's friend Jack Herman's (Bay Area architect) architectural coursework impressed him. Seeing the renderings of a young Cal architecture student caused Richard to tell his brother how badly he wanted to draw that well. Returning to Chula Vista, Richard's junior high teacher asked the class to design a home -- he took the assignment very seriously and began gathering a sense of what a house design meant to his fellow students (seeing them as clients early on).

After the war, Richard sold bottled water door-to-door for five months before following his father's footsteps in the military. Immediately after his 3.5-year stint with the US Navy's V-5 Flight program (in 1949), Mr. Lareau attended San Diego State College. Under the tutelage of sculptor John Dirks (being particularly influenced in his perspective drawing class) and painter Jean Swiggett, Richard built his GPA and transferred to Cal. In Berkeley Lareau would earn a BA and MA in architecture and would act as president of the campus Architectural Association (as did J. Herbert Brownell years earlier).

Richard Lareau left the San Francisco area returning to San Diego where he felt more opportunity would arise in a city with too few licensed architects. Mr. Lareau started his professional career in the office of Kitchen and Hunt and later for Paderewski, Mitchell and Dean until he opened his own midtown office on 6th Avenue in 1957. Through the late '50s and early '60s, Dick would practice from his small office, including a move northward to another office on 6th Avenue and then onto 5055 Harbor Drive. By 1968 the Lareau office drew up plans for the office at 2845 Nimitz, where he continued to practice for nearly four decades.

Growing to a staff of 15 at its peak, the Lareau office acted as a training ground for a number of the region's architects such as Al Macy, Paul McKim, George Hartley, Bill Richards and Paul Thorke. The offices on Nimitz would also house interior designers and landscape architects like Seifert and Wyckoff. In addition to working with local landscape architects, the Lareau office also engaged local artists James Hubbell, Ira Spector and Mike Madson to integrate their sculptural work into some of the firm's projects.

Before building a successful practice, including a concurrent position as Cal Western's (later Point Loma Nazarene) campus architect, the Lareau offices took on a number of residential commissions. Not taking his first Sunday off until two years into self-employment, Lareau worked constantly grabbing any house design he could (including a house for himself) to make a name for himself. Losing the Lareau Residence #1 design to divorce early on, the office began to grow past the early "lean" years. Past the early designs for (his first client he found while still in Paderewski's office) Howard Brubeck (Dave Brubeck's brother) and Jean McCommins (who was a student in Richard's UC Extension Home Design course), the firm specialized in religious structures, commercial buildings, public schools and university work.

With an early respect for Harwell Hamilton Harris (exemplified in the Brubeck Residence), Richard Lareau's design philosophy was built around expressing the structure of a building. Seeing structure as a building's decorative program, Richard's fondness for circular buildings has been profound. From circular churches, Cal Western's Little Theater (his first project for Campus President Rust) to Mission Bay Park Visitor Information Center and the Wycoff Residence (both helixes), he recalled recently "the circle is a beautiful thing."

Ruth Newman Residence (1963), Vista
Photo by George Lyons

Partial Project List 1957 - 1970

Bachelors Officers Quarters
NAS Imperial Beach

Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
Camp Pendelton

Benjamin Library, Allied Gardens
Photo by John Oldenkamp

Benjamin Library (sculpture by Ira Spector)
5188 Zion Avenue, Allied Gardens

Berger Residence Remodel (1964)
Photo by Douglas Simmonds
Only existing example of the Lareau-designed tub faucet

Berger, Eugene Residence Remodel (1964)
Garden Lane, Point Loma
Here Lareau installed his own design for a shower/bath spout which he failed to secure mass production)

Boehm, Dwight Residence (1966)
2320 Via Subria, Vista
Published in Masonry Industry (9/60)

Jack Bone Residence, Mission Hills
Photo by George Lyons

Bone, Jack Residence (1960)
1914 Guy Street, Mission Hills

Boney Hall (1967)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

Brown, Mike Residence (1968)
5645 Taft, La Jolla

Howard Brubeck Residence, La Mesa
Photo by Marvin Rand

Howard Brubeck Residence, La Mesa
Photo by Marvin Rand

Howard Brubeck Residence, La Mesa
Photo by Marvin Rand

Brubeck, Howard Residence (1959)
8141 Vista Drive, La Mesa

Cal Western Science Building and Boney Hall (1967)

Cal Western Dining Hall (1962)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

Cal Western Fine Arts & Music Buildings (1969)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

Cal Western Gymnasium (1962)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

Cal Western Science Building (1967)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

California Western remodel of Old San Diego Club (1966)
6th & Ash Street

Centre West / Lareau Office (1969), 2845 Nimitz Blvd.

Centre West - Richard Lareau Office Building (1969)
2845 Nimitz Boulevard, Point Loma

Copp Hall
32nd Street Naval Station

Cranston, John Residence (1972)
337 Pacific Avenue

Davis Apartments
National City

Henry, Fred Residence

Kensington Library

Kensington Library Remodel (1961)
4121 Adams Avenue

Lareau, Richard Residence #1 (1964)
McCall, Point Loma

Lareau, Richard Residence #2 (1970)
2922 McCall, Point Loma

Jean and Robert McCommins Residence (1959)

McCommins, Jean and Robert Residence (1959)
4896 Taltec, Mt Helix

Men's Dormitory (1960)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

Mission Bay Visitors Information Center (1969)
Photo by George Lyons

Mission Bay Visitors Information Center (1969)
East Mission Bay Drive and Clairemont Drive

Navy Exchange Addition (1962)
NAS Miramar

Navy Exchange Cafeteria (1972)

Ruth Newman Residence (1963), Vista
Photo by George Lyons

Ruth Newman Residence (1963), Vista
Photo by George Lyons

Newman, Ruth Residence (1963)
1310 Alta Vista Drive, Vista

Ocean Beach Kindergarten (1964)

Pacific Beach Community Congregational Church (1966)
Photo by George Lyons

Pacific Beach Community Congregational Church (1966)
Beryl Street, Pacific Beach
Photo by George Lyons

The Pan Pacific House

The Pan Pacific House

The Pan Pacific House (1959)
6361 Elmhurst Drive, Del Cerro
Designed 'on spec' for contractor Tom Bignell and exhibited during the 'San Diego Parade of Homes'
Recognized at the 1964 United Masonry Association of San Diego Awards

Resurrection Lutheran Church of Coronado
5th & Orange Avenue, Coronado

Ryan Library (1962)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)
Interior light fixtures by James Hubbell

Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Classrooms (1964)
Photo by George Lyons

Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Classrooms (1964)
El Cajon – Robert Des Lauriers did 2nd phase (church)

East San Diego Branch Library

San Diego Public Library - East San Diego Branch Library (1961)
4089 Fairmount Avenue, City Heights

Sheldon Residence. Photo dated December 1964. Photographer unknown.

Sheldon, Gale W. Residence (1961)
972 Wakefield Court, El Cajon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity (1967)
5076 College Place, College Area

United States International University (1970)

United States International University (1970)
Master Plan, Administrative Buildings, Library and Learning Resource Center, Science Building and lecture hall, Academic Classroom Cluster.

University City United Church (1970)
Corner of Governor and Streseman

Vollmer, Rose Residence #1 (1965)
4515 Ladera Street

Vollmer, Rose Residence #2 (1966)
4101 Lomaland Drive

Vollmer, Rose Residence #3
Pt. Loma Nazarene College

Jack White Residence (1964), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons

Jack White Residence (1964), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons

Jack White Residence (1964), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons

Jack White Residence (1964), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons

Jack White Residence (1964), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons

White, Jack Residence (1964)
690 Rimini Road, Del Mar
This designed earned Lareau his first AIA Award of Merit

Women's Dormitory (1962)
on campus of Pt Loma Nazarene University (formerly CalWestern)

Ryan Wycoff Residence (1968), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons

Wycoff, Ryan Residence (1968)
Helix-shaped home in Del Mar (Off Del Mar Heights Road near Pine Needles)
Designed by Wheeler employee Ronald Wiseman, built by Herb Turner

Ryan Wycoff Residence (1968), Del Mar
Photo by George Lyons