National City

Hillcrest Manor Sanitarium (ca. 1957)
1889 National Avenue
Designed by Sim Bruce Richards

Keller Residence #1 (1942)
3039 F Street
Designed by Lloyd Ruocco

Modern Spec Bungalow by E.J. Christman - location unknown

Modern Spec Bungalows attributed to E.J. Christman (ca. 1938-1942)
415 Third Street
505 Third Street
440 2nd Street
441 E. Third Street
703 F Street
707 F Street
F Street
2903 J. Avenue
1036 E. 15th Street

Beyond the streamline modern designs of his Modern Spec Bungalows, E.J. Christman served for a number of years on the National City - City Council (starting in the mid-1940s through to his death circa 1968). Christman also served on the Planning Commission and as President of the National City Chamber of Commerce between 1946-47. He has been acknowledged for playing a role in utilizing federal funds to build the E.J. Christman Industrial Park and supporting National City in expanding the Mile of Cars.

Private Residence (1951)
1036 E. 15th Street, National City
Potentially designed by E.J. Christman 

Southwest Onyx & Marble (1966)
Crosby Street
Designed by Lloyd Ruocco

Western Lumber Company General Offices
Photograph by Douglas Simmonds.

Western Lumber Company General Offices (1960)
2745 Tidelands Avenue

Designed by Johnson & Anderson