The Forever House (1961) AKA the Dr. E. N. Reithmayer Residence a 'Medallion Home'
1191 Hacienda Drive, El Cajon (extensively remuddled since this 1961 photograph by Charles Aqua Viva)

Friday November 29, 2013

San Diego's Museum of Photographic Arts recently acquired eight boxes that comprise the Lynn G. Fayman Archive. Lynn Fayman (1904-1968) was a La Jollan, and an important arts patron, but more importantly was a local photographer who experimented with light and color. His body of work ranged from hand colored Flexichrome prints (a short lived method of making color prints from black and white negatives) to 35mm film.  MOPA is currently inventorying the collection that includes correspondence, photographic prints,  over 1,000 slides, and 35mm film reels. We at Modern San Diego look forward to MOPA’s results, and hopefully an exhibition of these works, soon.

Rest in Peace - friend of Modern San Diego Robert Des Lauriers (1924 - 2013).
Above, Bob's hyperbolic parabaloid design for Carlton Hills Lutheran (1960-61).
After reaching out to Bob shortly after seeing a photograph of this fantastic church I considered him
a great friend and he became a regular contributor to this site. He will be missed.

Monday November 18, 2013

We are sad to relay that architect Robert ‘Bob’ Eugene Des Lauriers passed away on November 5. Born in Waukegan, Illinois on February 29, 1924, Bob was raised in Los Angeles before moving to Hawaii after graduating from high school. Bob joined the Army Air Corps and flew 33 missions as a B-17 Bomber pilot over Germany. After receiving an honorable discharge in 1945 Bob married Shirley Marie McHenry in Sioux City and moved to Denver where he graduated in 1949 with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Colorado. They settled in La Mesa in 1952. Joining the San Diego chapter of the AIA in 1956, Bob worked as architect, draftsman and project coordinator in the office of H. Louis Bodmer, AIA. He then joined Paderewski, Mitchell & Dean as ‘architect’. In 1958 he launched Robert E. Des Lauriers, AIA followed shortly thereafter by his partnership with John Thomas Sigurdson - Des Lauriers-Sigurdson, AIA – in 1961. Both firms were initially run from his home office in Mt. Helix. Bob's hyperbolic paraboloid design of the Carlton Hills Lutheran Church (in Santee) secured his first award from the AIA. He followed that award with the Annual Gold Trowel Award for his Horizon Home competition house (in Clairemont). From there he completed 67 religious projects, 150 residential, 187 Navy, 18 public schools and much more. Bob served as the President of the San Diego Chapter of the AIA (1961), President & Fellow in the Society of Military Engineers, Vice President of California Specifications Institute, Member of the Council of Religious Architects and he served on many community and state councils, boards, and associations. With his extensive dedicated work in the religious field, Bob was nicknamed "Mr. Church" by his clients and professional peers. Bob was also a proud member of American Legion Post Number 0303. Learn more about Bob HERE.

If you haven't visited Darren Bradley's site in a while, a great excuse is to view his latest photo survey of UC San Diego's Muir College buildings (by Mosher, Hope, Liehbardt, Naegle etc.). Check it out HERE.

According to a 1961 San Diego & Point blurb “The North Park Health Club (above) will relocate in Clairemont…
Charles Richardson will build this Richard Henry Wheeler design.”

Saturday November 9, 2013

Homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner and Richard Neutra are among those featured in a wide variety of movies - often hosting the bad guys. Check out a nice article on this curiosity HERE.

This coming Thursday (11/14), Wright is hosting their latest Scandinavian Design auction. Look at pretty pictures HERE.

Phillips will be hosting an amazing auction on December 17. The Betty Lee and Aaron Stern Collection features some amazing pottery. Check it out HERE.

Los Angeles Modern Auctions’ February auction will host 50 commissioned pieces by George Nakashima for client Edmund Bennet. The 3-decades worth of commissions have a great history – learn more HERE.

Sunday November 3, 2013

Ceramist, art educator and founder of Mingei International Museum, Martha W. Longenecker passed away this past week. At age 93, Longenecker will likely be remembered for bringing Japanese folk art to San Diego, and beyond. Longenecker worked as an artist-craftsman in ceramics, was professor of art at San Diego State University for 35 years, and she directed the Mingei Museum between 1978-2005. Ms. Longenecker established herself as an accomplished artist and educator. After receiving a B.A. in Art from the University of California at Los Angeles where she learned the art of pottery from renowned teacher and artist craftsman Laura Andreson, she attended Claremont Graduate School where she studied painting with famed California artist Millard Sheets and received an Art Education Credential and a Master of Fine Arts degree. She set up her own ceramics studio in Claremont, California, where she made wheel-thrown stoneware forms which were exhibited and sold nationally through the Los Angeles and New York-based Dalzell Hatfield Galleries from 1944 to 1964. In 1955 San Diego State University asked her to develop the school’s ceramics program. During Martha’s 35-year tenure as Professor of Art, she taught the history of ceramics and design. She also directed the gallery program and supervised the University’s student art teachers. Continuing post-graduate research included significant study in Japan under the guidance of the potter Shoji Hamada (1894–1978) and the contemporary potter Tatsuzo Shimaoka (1919–2007). Working in Japan gave her the opportunity to directly experience the teachings of art historian and aesthetician Dr. Soetsu Yanagi, whom she had met in 1952, and who coined the term mingei—art of the people.

The exhibition catalog from California’s Designing Women 1896-1986 is finally available for sale. The Museum of California Design exhibition curated by Bill Stern focused on a number of our favorite designers (Muriel Coleman, Greta Grossman, Edith Heath) including San Diegan Ellamarie Woolley. Learn more HERE.

A few years ago a Canadian gallery contacted the (Alexander) Calder Foundation, regarding the sale of a $1.5 million stabile, “Standing Constellation,” attributed to the sculptor. It had been purchased from the Perls Foundation, a trust set up after the Perls Gallery (who represented Calder between 1954-1976) closed in 1997. “Standing Constellation” had not been listed on an inventory of holdings provided by the Perls Gallery after Calder’s death. The Calder estate had not received any payment from its sale. This touched off an interesting story…and as you would imagine it – a lawsuit as well. Read more HERE.


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