Ocean Beach

Randolph Residence by Homer Delawie

Anderson, Greg Residence (1958)
720 Amiford Drive
Designed by Robert Platt

Bailin Residence

Bailin, Marvin Residence (1961)
4495 Monaco Street
Designed by Maggy Thomas Associates

Carousel Apartments (1969)
3050 Rue d'Orleans
Designed by Tucker, Sadler & Benne

Carlson Residence (1966)
1335 Trieste
Designed by Sim Bruce Richards

Cate Residence

Cate Residence
4440 Brindisi
Designed by Homer Delawie

Commercial Building (1956)
1852-1866 Bacon Street
Designed by Josias Joesler

Holy Trinity Episcopal (1964)
2083 Sunset Cliffs Blvd
Designed by Weber & Edwards

*Recognized at the 1964 United Masonry Association of San Diego Awards

Hom, Ed Residence (1966)
4484 Monaco Street
Designed by Ed Hom

Karn Residence
475 Niagara
Designed by Sim Bruce Richards

Kratz Residence (1964)
1660 Froude
Designed by Homer Delawie

Naso, Frank Residence (1956)
1024 Cordova Street (1958)
Designed by Robert Platt

Private Residence (1946)
4895 Orchard Avenue
*Designed by William Kessling, attribution by long-time owner

Private Residence (1960)
4560 Ladera
*Potentially Related to Sim Bruce Richards (remodel?)

Randolph Residence (1960s)
4551 Newport Avenue
Designed by Homer Delawie

Roper, Cecil and Virginia Residence (1964)
5147 Cape May Avenue
Designed by Loch Crane

Sadler, Harold Residence I (1959)
3860 Narragansett Street
Designed by Hal Sadler

Sloan Residence (1967)

Sloan Residence (1967)
4452 Brindisi
Designed by Paul McKim

Vondracek Residence (1959)
851 Amiford
Designed by Lloyde Therkelsen

Vollmer, Rose Residence #1 (1965)
4515 Ladera Street
Designed by Dick Lareau