Chung Residence (1959)
1807 Kelly Street

Designed by Sim Bruce Richards

Coffee Dan's and the Flying Bridge Room(1963)
1103 N. Hill Street, Oceanside 
Designed by Encinitas-based architect Tom Hayward, who also designed Oceanside's El Camino Country Club and Yacht Club, as well as Bonsall's San Luis Rey Downs. Hayward was the Architec

Crans Residence (1953)
1801 Kelly Street

Designed by John Lloyd Wright

La Grange Residence (1974) by Sim Bruce Richards

La Grange Residence (1974)
Designed by Sim Bruce Richards

Oceanside City Hall (1934)
704 Pier View Way, Oceanside

Oceanside City Plan (1929-1935)
Included - Auditorium (1929), Fire Station & Police Station (1929), Nevada Street School (1929), Recreation Palace (1929), School Center Addition (1930), Oceanside High School (1930), Kindergarten (1931), and Swimming Pool (1935)

Oceanside Federal Savings & Loan (1967)
716 Mission Avenue

Designed by Frank L. Hope & Associates

Sun Villa (1951)
2015 S. Nevada Street
Designed by A. Quincy Jones