BLOG ARCHIVE - October 2006

Monday October 23rd, 2006

Check out the Eames Film Festival this Thursday at SDSU. More information is here.

Monday October 16th, 2006

Recognizing that I haven't written much beyond "this page or that page was updated" or encouraging visitors to "check this (or that) out", I am here tonight to share. With the bulk of the last few weeks being taken up by travel and my dayjob, inspiration to share beyond the mechanical updates has been missing. Maybe it was the San Diego Asian Film Festival gala on Saturday night, or it was mowing the lawn over the weekend, or it was the inspiring moments barbecuing meat on the grill for my family and in-laws, but something clicked today. On days like this it is important to take stock of where you have been (taking snapshots of local architecture with the assumption that others would be interested), where you are at (say, drafts of the first four chapters of an architect's biography) and where you want to be (starting on a second biography on another local architect). While out for cocktails on Friday night, a friend asked where all this interest in architecture (by a non-architect) is headed... to which I replied "I am fighting the thought of where this is headed while planning out every step on the path..." It is true that Modern San Diego now has a pretty darn sizeable audience (multiple thousands of unique visitors each month (my guess via google searches like "Frank Lloyd Wright San Diego"), but where to take it from here...? I assume more writing, photography, lectures and another calender or two --- and lots of uploads to this here domain.

On days like today, it is also good to call up a real architect and chat. After you get past the aesthetic enjoyment of architecture, it is, after all, about people. Not just the architects, but the stories of their interactions with government officials, clients wanting a small custom home, school boards, military design review boards, and universities that think they know a thing or two about architecture, are all what Modern San Diego is really about. Granted, I haven't been able to even scratch the surface, telling all the good stories, but I have faith in time that all will be documented. This morning I spent an hour on the phone With Ward Deems. We talked about Bill Lewis and Bob Jones, Brook Crabtree and Ed Malone (among others) -- but it was a quote that has stuck with him since his days at USC's School of Architecture, that is now stuck with me. Such stories of how people interact are often more compelling than how two steel I-beams are welded together to carry a load across a great span.

While in school Ward was attending a seminar of some sort with visitors from outside of the faculty and one man in a thick accent (imagine Ward's attempt at this accent on the phone) calmly asserted “ must remember that simplicity always has been and will continue to be the essence of good design…” Brilliant.

Saturday October 14th, 2006

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and Simpson and Gerber pages launched this morning. Any help on gathering information on these firms would be appreciated.

Thursday October 12th, 2006

I updated Homer Delawie's page with vintage photos by Douglas Simmonds here.

Wednesday October 11th, 2006

New profile of the Deem Lewis firm posted here. Also, check out Ward Deems' new biography posted here.

Tuesday October 10th, 2006

Robert E. Alexander page updated here.

Monday October 9th, 2006

The Feller Residence (1962) by Homer Delawie and Lloyd Ruocco is on the market for $3.4M by Elizabeth Courtier. On Charles Street in La Playa, above the yacht clubs of Point Loma, sits this 5BD/6BA house centered around its pool. More information is available here.

Sunday October 8th, 2006

Back after a week in Baltimore. Several updates to Modern Cape Cod using the new publication A Chain of Events as a resource.

Monday October 2nd, 2006

Milt Phegley sent over a link to read the history of UCSD's master plan. Read about A. Quincy Jones and Robert Alexander, Robert Mosher and others' involvement in one of the largest clusters of modernist work in San Diego here.

Sunday October 1st, 2006

Yesterday's lecture and tour of John Muir College was a hit. More information is posted here.


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