John Oldenkamp (1931 - 2014)

Lloyd and Ilse Ruocco in 'Solari' circa 1967. Photograph by John Oldenkamp

Photographer John Oldenkamp, an honors graduate of DePauw University, served in the United States Navy between 1950-54.

A South Park/Golden Hills resident since 1969, John and his life partner Carin Howard live in a Craftsman style home in South Park. His professional background included working for General Dynamics Astronautics as an offsite and corporate photographer, and as a self-employed editorial and advertising photographer in San Diego from 1965 until 1995.

After retiring John traveled extensively in the United States and internationally. John has been widely recognized with regional and national awards most notably for his work for Psychology Today Magazine.

Deeply involved in community work, some of the organizations he worked with included SOHO, including 14 years as a Board member; 4 years as the president of the San Diego Art Director’s Club, which later became the SD Communicating Arts Group.

John’s preservation efforts include an important assemblage of his architectural photography work done in the 1960’s and 70s in San Diego of the works of architects Lloyd Ruocco, Paul McKim, Homer Delawie, Deems, Lewis, and Schoell & Geritz. John also renovated one of R.M. Schindler’s Pueblo Ribera Courts.