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Barney Reid

Barney Reid wrote his masters thesis in lithography at the State University of Iowa. Reid then moved to San Diego (ca. 1950) after teaching at Arizona State University (between1946-49), and went into business selling screen-printed fabrics. His short-lived, ReidArt company was housed in the Consolidated Aircraft factory which solicited rental spaces prior to re-awakening its military intents at the outbreak of the Korean War.

Renowned for his enamel work, he was a consummate craftsman, and worked in metal, clay, wood, and marble, as well as painting in oil and designing furniture. A member of the Allied Craftsmen and the San Diego Art Guild, Reid was employed as a graphic designer by the U.S. Navy at Point Loma’s Naval Electronics Lab (NEL). The NEL provided jobs to a number of local artists including Harry Bertoia during his years in San Diego.

Scarce today, Reid’s work from the late ‘40s through the 1960s is heartily abstract and often geometric in style. His abstract ceramic work from the 1940s and ‘50s often featured various patterns of interlocking lines, shapes and even human forms – ideas that are often repeated in his painting and printed fabrics.

From the late 1970’s until his death, he worked in printmaking almost exclusively. For a time Reid was represented by the David Zapf Gallery.

Several San Diegans became aware of Reid’s early works across many media too late – at the sale of Barney and Sue Reid’s estate.