Abrams, Harold
Ain, Gregory
Alexander, Robert E.
Anderson, Guy
Antelline, Jon P.
Applebaum, Norm
Batter-Kay Associates
Beadle, Alfred
Beckett, Welton
Benedict, Hiram Hudson
Bird, Fujimoto & Fish
Bonini, Vincent
Brownell, J. Herbert
Buff, Straub and Hensman
Campbell, Donald
Cody, William F.
Crane, Loch
Dammann, Bruce
Davis, Ronald K.
Decker, Arthur
Delawie, Homer
Des Lauriers, Robert
Drake, Gordon
Eckel, George
Eggers, Henry
Ellwood, Craig
Ferris, Robert
Fickett, Edward
Forester, Russell
Fowble, Robert
French, Stanley J.
Frey, Albert
Gill, Irving
Goldberg, Bertrand
Goldman, Donald
Gordon, Kenneth & Robert
Grossman, Greta
Hagadone, Walter
Harris, Harwell Hamilton
Henderson, John
Hester, Henry
Hope, Frank
Hufbauer, Clyde
Hubbell, James
Jones, A. Quincy
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Kahn, Louis
Kellogg, Dick
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Kesling, William
Killingsworth, Brady & Smith
Kowalski, Joseph
Krisel, William
Ladd, Thornton
Lareau, Richard
Lautner, John
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Platt, Robert
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Reed, John
Richards, Sim Bruce
Risley and Gould
Rosser, William
Ruocco, Lloyd
Salerno, Daniel
Schindler, Rudolph
Schoell & Geritz
Sigurdson, John
Simpson and Gerber
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Slatton, William
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Wright, Lloyd
Wulff and Fifield

(Winchton) Risley and (Stanley) Gould

Urey Hall groundbreaking, 1961. Photo courtesy of UCSD Special Collections
Left to right, Chancellor Herbert York; SIO Director Roger Revelle; California Governor Edmund G. Brown.

Stanley Rollin Gould (1906 – 1991)
Stanley Gould was born in Portland, Oregon on April 23, 1906. He would go on to work for Parkinson & Parkinson (1928-34), A.C. Zimmerman (1935-36), and Reginald Johnson (1937-38).

Early in his career Stanley Gould was awarded the official position of “Manager – Architectural Department”, commonly known as the “Chief Architect” for the 10th Olympiad, held in Los Angeles in 1932.  His duties included designing and overseeing construction of all Southern California Olympic facilities, which included his design of the Olympic Torch located in the Los Angeles Coliseum, that remains today as a permanent reminder of the Olympics.

After founding 'Risley and Gould, Architects' in 1943, he served USC as an instructor for 5th year architecture design (ca. 1948) and the Los Angeles AIA chapter in various officer capacities between 1951-54 (he joined the local chapter in 1942). He was married in 1929 and had two children in 1956. Stanley Gould died on October 6, 1991 in Los Angeles.

Winchton Leamon ‘Wink’ Risley, FAIA (1887 – 1975)
Winchton Risley was born in 1887 in Delphos, Ohio. He was married in 1919. Following his studies at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio (1908-1909) and Columbia University (1911-1913) he would work for Bertram G. Goodhue in San Diego (1915-1916) and Carleton Monroe Winslow (1919-1920). While at Columbia, Wink was awarded a Bronze Medal by the Beaux-Arts Society of America (1913). Following serving as an Ensign in the US Navy (1917-1918), Risley joined the AIA as ‘Winchton Leamon Risley, Architect’ in 1923. Shortly afterward his first house for himself was awarded by American Institute of Architects, Southern California Chapter, in April 1927. The same organization would name him as Fellow (FAIA) in 1943 – the same year Risley and Gould, Architects was founded. Risley served as a consulting architect for the Atomic Energy Commission in Los Alamos (1949-1953) as well as taught at both USC and UCLA. He was awarded Bronze and Gold medals by President Herbert Hoover in 1931.

Howard Banks Van Heuklyn (1922-)
Howard finished his degree in architecture at USC, in 1947, following service in WWII (1943-45). He joined the firm of Risley & Gould Architects, as an associate, in 1952.Van Heuklyn, a practitioner of Religious Science, helped land the firm the project Glendale First Church of Religious Science around 1966.

Herbert Theodore Seipel (1912-)

Alongside Herbert Theadore Seipel, Howard Banks Van Heuklyn joined the Risley & Gould, Architects partnership in 1957 as associates. At this time the firm name changed to Risley, Gould & Van Heuklyn Architects.  Herbert Seipel’s name was not included in the name change.

Mr. Seipel was born in Newburgh, New York in 1912. Graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1933, he workedas a draftsman for Gordon S. Marvel, (1934-41), Eggers & Higgins (1941-42) and Robert R. Jones (1945-52).

Bonner Hall Breezeway - Photograph by Darren Bradley.

Partial List of Projects

Addison, John Residence (1928)
Eagle Rock

Arrowhead Puritas Water Headquarters

Asche, Sherman Residence (1938)

Bonner Hall - Photograph by Darren Bradley

Bonner Hall (1964)
UC San Diego
Risley, Gould and Van Heuklyn

British Overseas Airline Company (1961)

British Overseas Airline Company (1961)
Beverly Hills

Camp Hahn – US Army (1940)

Center for Coastal Studies (1962)
UC San Diego
Risley and Gould

Central Avenue School (1924)
Los Angeles

Central Utilities Plant (1963)
UC San Diego
Risley and Gould

Clapp, James Residence (1934)

Clark High School (1955)
Glendale Unified School District, Glendale
Risley and Gould

Clark, A.W. Junior High School (1955)
La Crescenta

Coca Cola Bottling Company
Los Angeles, Hawaii, Atlanta

First Church of Christ Scientist (1923)
Los Angeles

Flood Control District Office Building (1953-54)
County of Los Angeles, Department of Public works
Risley and Gould

General Services Building (1957)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Risley and Gould

Ginsberg, J.J. Residence (1935)
Los Angeles

Glendale First Church of Religious Science
Photograph by Tom Davies

Glendale First Church of Religious Science (1966)
2146 E. Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale
Risley and Gould

Gould, Stanley Residence #1 (1941)
2030 El Arbolita Drive, Glendale
Risley and Gould

Gould, Stanley Residence #2
4220 Mesa Vista Dr., La Canada-Flintridge

Green, Walter Residence (1927)
North Hollywood

CSU Fullerton Humanities

Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg (1969)
CSU Fullerton
Risley and Gould

Kincaid, George and Grace Residence (1925-26)
Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes Estates

Langsdorf Hall (1971)
CSU Fullerton
Risley, Gould, Van Heuklyn, Seipel

Magnavox Research Laboratory

Magnavox Research Library
Torrance, CA

Mayer Hall - Photograph by Darren Bradley

Mayer Hall (1963)
UC San Diego
Risley and Gould

McCarthy Hall (1963)
CSU Fullerton

McGinnis, Remsen Residence (1929)
La Jolla

McGowan, Sarah E. Residence
Rancho Santa Fe

New Directors Office (1959)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Risley and Gould

Paducah Street School (1924)
Los Angeles

Palms Jr. High Auditorium (1956)
Los Angeles

Pan American Exposition of the Arts (1928)

Pollak Library (1966)
CSU Fullerton

Ranchito School District 5-Room School (1927)

Risley, Winchton L. Residence (1927)
220 S. Westmoreland Ave., Los Angeles

Saeta, Maurice Residence (1935)
Los Angeles

Schimpf, CF Residence
San Marino

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Campus master-plan, building designs

Sumner Auditorium (1960)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Risley and Gould

Sverdrup Hall (1960)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Risley and Gould

The Principia
St. Louis, Missouri
Campus master-plan, building designs

Timken-Sturgis Research Laboratory Building
505 Coast Blvd. South
Risley, Gould, Van Heuklyn, Seipel

University of California, Los Angeles - School of Law (1952)
Risley and Gould

University of California, San Diego
Campus master-plan, building designs

U-Plan House

Urey Hall - Photograph by Darren Bradley

Urey Hall (1963)
UC San Diego
Risley and Gould

Weeks, Morris T. Residence (1927-28)
La Jolla

Wells, John Residence (1928)
La Jolla

Wheeler Residence (1928)