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Robert E. Des Lauriers (1924 - 2013)

Robert 'Bob' Des Lauriers was born in Waukegan, Illinois (on February 29, 1924), and raised in Los Angeles. He graduated from Huntington Park High in 1941. Following his graduation the family moved to the north shore of Oahu (11 miles from Pearl Harbor) where he worked for Hawaiian Construction as a carpenter on military projects. They arrived just two months prior to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor.

Nine months later Bob returned to Los Angelesto join the Army Air Corps. While waiting to be accepted he worked for Western Pipe & Steel Ship Building Co. as a designer-draftsman on pressure tanks and liberty ships. In February 1942 he was inducted into the Army and began flight training. Graduating as a 2nd Lt. in 1944, B-17 pilot Des Lauriers spent 6 months flying 33 missions from his base in the UK over Germany. On VJ Day, following an Honorable Discharge he married Shirley Marie McHenry in Sioux City, Iowa (where they had met during his military training months earlier).

After relocating to Denver, Bob worked for Stearns Rogers Engineering. In 1946 the young couple returned to Sioux City where Bob entered Morningside College under the GI Bill. During this time he continued to fly for the Army Air Force Reserves. While at Morningside, an aptitude test rated Bob as '90% Architecture' so he changed his major and transferred to the University of Colorado at Boulder. From this campus, in 1949, he graduated with a BS in Architectural Engineering.

Bob and Shirley had settled in La Mesa, building their own home on Calavo Drive. At this time Mr. Des Lauriers worked alongside Frederick Liebhardt and Jim Bird for a local designer Alfred George Mueller. Here they designed a large number of tract homes in Point Loma for developers like Jackson Scott.

His year and a half with Mueller proved invaluable in design, mass production and speed drafting. In 1952 H. Louis Bodmer (formerly of Bodmer Wurdman & Beckett Architects) hired Des Lauriers where he aided the office in desiging banks, commercial buildings and the original San Diego Airport Terminal Building on Pacific Coast Highway.

In 1957 Bob secured his State of California Architectural License and began working for Paderewski, Mitchell & Dean. Among his assigned projects was the El Cortez Travelator Building located across 7th Street from the hotel and connected by a bridge and the first moving sidewalk and three hydraulic glass elevators.

In 1958 he left Paderewski to launch his own firm from his home office. From his poolside deck and drafting table he completed his first project - St. Lukes Lutheran of La Mesa. In 1959, his 20th project was a hyperbolic parabloid church - Carlton Hills Lutheran in Santee. Earning his first AIA Award of Merit, this project would garner much-deserved accolades and work from the religious community for years to come.

Carlton Hills Lutheran - A Hyperbolic Parabaloid in Thin Shell Concrete

In 1961 John Sigurdson joined as a partner to form Des Lauriers Sigurdson AIA Architects. John remained through 1967 when he split off to launch his own office. According to Bob, "During this 6-year period of Des Lauriers Sigurdson, the architectural practice intensified and developed projects with even more fervor and dedication to make contemporary architecture a lasting scheme of creating, serving and preserving the way of life of "the Transition Period".

Following Sigurdson's departure, Robert E. Des Lauriers & Associates AIA completed 67 religious projects, over 150 residential, 187 Navy, 18 public school projects, and extensive commercial and planning projects. 506 projects in all.

Reflecting on his career, Des Lauriers sees his contribution as "innovative architecture with traditional roots."

Partial List of San Diego Projects

Abi Bakr Al Siddiq Mosque (1986)
7050 Eckstrom Avenue

Adler Residence (1969)
9 Cresta Way, Chula Vista

Ascension Lutheran

Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church (1960)
5106 Zion Avenue, San Diego

Assembly of God
Mission Valley

Atlas Electric

Bacheller, Cmdr. & Hester Residence (1968)
4110 Calavo Drive, La Mesa

Bone, Dr. Robert & Patricia Residence (1972)
460 Culebra Street, Del Mar

Borrego Springs Community United Methodist Church
633 Diamond Bar Road, Borrego Springs

Bush Residence

Bush, Mr. & Mrs. J. Residence

Butts, David Residence (1972)

Byrum Residence in Alvarado Estates

Byrum, GeorgeResidence (1959)
5460 Toyon Road, Alvarado Estates

Calvary Southern Baptist

Calvary Southern Baptist Church (1963)
6866 Linda Vista Road

Calvary Lutheran

Calvary Lutheran (1961)
3060 54th Street, San Diego

Carlsbad Garden Apartments (1960)
(later to become Carlsbad By The Sea)

Carlton Hills Lutheran - Facade windows reminiscent of Le Corbusier's chapel of
Notre Dame du Hat at Ronchamp

Carlton Hills Lutheran Church (1960)
9735 Halburns Boulevard, Santee
Award of Merit, AIA San Diego 1960

Carmichael Residence (1972)
2564 Via Dieguenos, Alpine

Dr. Robert Christenson Residence

Christenson, Dr. Robert Residence (1961)
Mt. Helix

Clairemont Lutheran

Clairemont Lutheran Church (1966)
4271 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard

Colina Medical/Dental Center (1965)
4260 54th Street, San Diego

Community Church (1986)

Community Methodist Church
Borrego Springs

Croome Office

Croome, Dr. Clifford Orthodontic Clinic (1968)
Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon

Cunningham, Allan Residence
Pine Valley

Dailard Elementary
6425 Cibola Road, San Diego

Davis Residence

Davis, John Residence (1966)
9565 Alto Drive, Mt Helix

Davis, Lester Robert Residence (1968)
1934 Zapo Street

Des Lauriers, Robert Residence (1957)
4052 Calavo Drive

First Assembly of God

First Assembly of God Church (1971)
8404 Phylis Place, San Diego

First Lutheran Church
867 S. Lincoln, El Cajon

First Lutheran

First Lutheran Church (1962)
1410 Foothill Drive, Vista

First Presbyterian

First Presbyterian Church (1964)
940 Hilltop Drive, Chula Vista

Fletcher Hills Presbyterian

Fletcher Hills Presbyterian Church (1968)
455 Church Way, El Cajon

Fred Rohr Elementary

Fred H. Rohr Elementary School (1966)
1540 Malta Avenue, Chula Vista

Myron B. Green & Dailard Elementary Schools (1975)
7030 Wandermere Drive, San Diego

Heald, Dan Residence (1964)
6828 Elaine Way, Del Cerro

Home of Guiding Hands (1966)
10055 Las Ranchito, Lakeside

Hope United Methodist Church (1978)
16550 Bernardo Heights Parkway

Horizon Home (1961)

Horizon Home Competition Residence for American Housing Guild (1961)
5708 Abernathy Way
Portland Cement Association selected the firm - American Housing Guild hiredthe office to build one spec house of concrete within the development.

Jean Farb Middle School (1976)
4880 La Cuenta Drive, San Diego

Kappa Alpha Sorority

Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority (1965)
5720 Montezuma Road

La Mesa Chamber of Commerce Building
8155 University Avenue, La Mesa

La Mesa Development Plan
Plan for downtown La Mesa after Grossmont Center was built all the merchants left downtown. Bob secured state and federal grants to create a canopy for 5 blocks of downtown. La Mesa never built the project.

La Mesa Police Facility

La Mesa Police Facility (1966)
8181 Allison Avenue, La Mesa

La Presa Junior High (1966)
1001 Leland Street, Spring Valley

Loma Elementary

Loma Elementary School (1976)
10355 Loma Lane, Spring Valley

McHenry, Edna Residence (1950)
4058 Calavo Drive

Mt. Miguel Covenant Church (1961)

National City School District (1977 - 1979)
Master plans for all schools in District (and additions)

New Sanctuary Calvary Lutheran (1963)
54th & Redwood

Northminster Presbyterian - Des Lauriers design in 'Shot-Crete'

Northminster Presbyterian Church (1965)
4324 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard

Our Savior Lutheran Church
200 Avenida San Pablo, San Clemente

Ozzie's Music

Ozzies Music Store
6875 El Cajon Blvd

Prim, Donald Residence
Rancho Santa Fe

Private Residence (1968)
Del Mar

Des Lauriers Office

Robert Des Lauriers, AIA Architects (1967)
9300 Block of Fuerte Drive, La Mesa

Shepherd of The Valley
10842 Fury Lane, La Mesa

Silverman, Milton Residence (1969)
La Mesa

Spring Valley Fire Station (1961)
Spring Valley

St. Lukes Luterhan Church (1961 - 1987)
5150 Wilson Avenue, La Mesa

St. Marks Lutheran

St. Mark's Lutheran Church (1966)
580 Hilltop Drive, Chula Vista

Theta Chi Fraternity - San Diego State College

Theta Chi Fraternity House (1960)
5702 Hardy Way, College Area

Top Shelf Residence (1967)
9350 Fuerte Drive, La Mesa

US Navy Dental Clinic (1973)
Basilone Road, Camp Pendelton

US Navy Medical Clinic
San Nicolas Island

Valle Lindo

Valle Lindo Elementary School (1967)
1515 Oleander Avenue, Chula Vista

Wissell Residence

Wissell, Ozzie Residence (1959)
9520 El Granito, Mt Helix

Zvaifler Residence. Photo by George Lyons

Zvaifler, Nate and Debie Residence (1972)
2684 Costebelle Drive, La Jolla