BLOG ARCHIVE - September 2006

Tuesday September 26th, 2006

UCSD Alumni organization invites their membership to this Saturday's Muir College tour here. A Palmer & Krisel design in the College Area is for sale here.

Monday September 25th, 2006

Photographs from yesterday's travels are posted to the right. Putting our collective resources together, the MSD team identified a Skidmore Owings and Merrill design in the midtown area. 2901 5th was designed circa 1960 for the John Hancock Insurance Company.

Saturday September 23rd, 2006

Work began last night on adding short bios to the Arts & Crafts section. If anyone is in Clairemont any time soon, snap some photos of their little library and find out who the architect was. New photos from this morning's bike ride posted to the right.

Friday September 22nd, 2006

Seeing that the weekend is only hours away - i have already started planning research, writing and photography for the next three days -- I hope to have some good stuff for you by Monday.

For members of the San Diego Architectural Foundation, the article on the right will be in the new issue of your newsletter. I hope you all consider registering (it's quite cheap) -- and soon, the room only seats 147 (including volunteers, UCSD staff and the panel of architects).

Wednesday September 20th, 2006

Objects in Person photos are posted to the right. Please don't miss the next one. This is the real deal.

Monday September 18th, 2006

Between 1953-1956, Robert and Mae Louise F. Town hired longtime friend Sim Bruce Richards to add on to their rather conservatively styled house in Point Loma (built by the next door neighbor circa 1940). Over the years several additions (by Richards and others) have changed the house and landscape significantly, as well as garnering some notoriety through the photographs of Russ Meyer. Current and vintage photographs of this property are to the right -- thanks to the owners for opening their home to me last night.

Sunday September 17th, 2006

For those that believe in such things, the stars aligned last night at approximately 8 p.m. While reading through correspondence to/from Sim Bruce Richards in the early 1960s last night, I came across a letter dated 2/14/62 to Sim Bruce Richards, on (A. Quincy) Jones and Emmons letterhead. Elaine K. Sewell (later Jones) wrote:

"We are interested in the fact you have remodeled the house Mr. Jones designed for H.C. Hvistendahl. I notice that the date of the National AIA Award of that house (First Honor Award) is 1950. I believe the house was designed in 1948. As you may know, Maynard Parker is the photographer of the material in House Beautiful which you saw. His files will be available, I  imagine, if you want to look over some of the early photography that may not have been included in the magazine publication at the time."

I was stunned. Todd and I have been trying to solve the Hvistendahl puzzle for years now. Pictured in a few publications, without specific clues to its whereabouts aside from "Located in San Diego", this house has become a "white whale" of sorts.

In the same stack of papers, within a minute or two, I read a letter from Richards to Esther McCoy dated 10/16/61. Bruce wrote "Liebmann, Point Loma...added living room etc to earlier A.Q. Jones prize-winner!" Having tracked down Liebmann months ago, I was finally able to triangulate the location - 3711 Dudley Street in Point Loma.

In summary - we have found yet another, if not THE, original Hvistendahl homes by A. Quincy Jones.

Saturday September 16th, 2006

Last night was a blast at the opening reception for Objects in Person. Pics to be posted shortly. Today is the show and sale, so get there quick and check it out. One patron was overheard that it took her back to the old Allied Crafstmen shows. Six of us joined realtor David Smith at the Styles Residence by Cliff May this morning for a tour and photos (to be posted shortly). This is truly a stunning home, lot, view, and a steal at $729K. Someone better jump on this one before it becomes a Home Depot remodel project by someone who fails to see its original beauty.

Friday September 15th, 2006

Objects USA celebrates its one-year anniversary with “Objects: In Person,” an exhibit of items featured on  A preview and reception will be held tonight at 7 pm, and the show and sale will occur on Saturday, Sept. 16th from 10 am to 6 pm at Ronis Art Associates, 946 Broadway, San Diego

Press coverage of Modern San Diego and related articles posted here.

Wednesday September 13th, 2006

A 1954 Cliff May design is up for sale in La Mesa for a cool $729K. For more information on the Hugh B. Styles Residence (designed 1953, built 1954) Contact Bree Mercer for more details. An MLS photo is on the right. More real estate listings here.

Monday September 11th, 2006

After getting off the phone with Ken Kellogg today, I updated his page. I visited a house on Crest in Del Mar today -- up for sale for $2M, built in 1960. Still not sure if its by Herb Turner, but someone remodeled the 1960-appeal right out of it. Also, Bree, Jess and I visited Silver Ship. It is even crazier than we had thought.

Friday September 8th, 2006

C.J. Paderewski bio posted here. UCSD Tour advertisement posted here. New photos added to Ted Paulson's page here. Information on October 1st MAK Modernism tour in Los Angeles posted here.

Wednesday September 6th, 2006

C.J. Paderewski Highways Building (1952) Threatened

According to today's article "State park looks to grow, Old Town pursuing former Caltrans site" in the San Diego Union Tribune, the building is slated for demolition. In reading the article (which I have edited for space reasons), take notice of how the Paderewski will be razed to "reconstruct historic structures", and "recreate the look", because the international style building is "decrepit" and "seismically unsafe".

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park would acquire the 2½-acre site of Caltrans' former district headquarters, then excavate and reconstruct historic structures buried underneath it, under a plan being worked out between the two state agencies.

Ultimately, the state park hopes to re-create the look along the banks of the San Diego River, which once ran through the site, as it existed for prehistoric cultures.

Historians say the remnants of adobe structures lie beneath the Caltrans building and a state park parking lot to the west. The hope is that the building can be razed, so the structures can be unearthed and used to illustrate the history of San Diego.

Ronie Clark, state parks district superintendent, said preliminary plans call for archaeological excavations at the Caltrans site and the parking lot to the west, just behind a structure called the McCoy House. The historic buildings would be reconstructed, she said.

“I'd like to build a brand new entrance to Old Town State Park on this site,” Clark added, which would cut off Calhoun Street at about the middle.

The four employees still working in the decrepit, two-story Caltrans building are due to leave by the end of next week. Opened in 1952, the building is considered seismically unsafe in even a moderate earthquake. But the property has been appraised at around $13.6 million.

Sunday September 3rd, 2006

The San Diego Union Tribune reprinted the article on Craig Ellwood's Bobertz Residence from SD Home last Thursday in today's "Home" section. You can read the article here. Also a little thread has started on Lotta Livin' about the article and Craig Dorval has blogged about it.

Only a few more weeks until Objects in Person. Be there or be square.

Friday September 1st, 2006

Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoir has announced their 2006 house tour: Silver Lake Modernism - Then and Now on Saturday, September 30th. Click here to learn more.

Craig Ellwood's Bobertz Residence (1955) will be featured in the UT's "Homescape" section on Sunday, September 3rd.


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