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Friday September 30, 2011

The curator of  “Sympathetic Seeing,” the first exhibition about Esther McCoy’s life and work, at Schindler’s  Kings Road House, speaks about her journey HERE.

An October 1951 cover of the L.A. Times Home magazine has been re-created as part of the LACMA exhibit…It's a scene that Times editors presented with the headline: “What Makes the California Look.” Check it out HERE. Want a sneak peak at LACMA's new show? Giant Robot provides it HERE.

As part of the Pacific Standard Time marketing campaign, THIS VIDEO of Jeff Garlin, Jason Schwartzman being haunted by John Baldessari is hilarious.

Only on view through October 29, hurry up and check out Craig Krull Gallery’s (in Santa Monica) show Julius Shulman: 80 Years of Photography. Read more HERE.

Reissuing Greta Magnusson Grossman’s lighting designs, introduced in the late 1940s and ’50s, Gubi’s new lamps will be carried here in the States by Design Within Reach. Mrs. Grossman’s Cobra table lamp ($455), Cobra floor lamp ($695) and Grasshopper floor lamp ($875) will be ‘within reach’ in five colors, black, two shades of gray, blue-gray and red. Check them out HERE.

According to the Times, Gordon Bunshaft’s 510 Fifth Avenue (ca. 1954) can seen as an important, historic building in the “…same league as modern architectural legends like Lever House and the Seagram Building…. But now preservationists and the city are battling in court over the building’s future. Preservationists say the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission has abandoned its role as a protector of history and aesthetics to accommodate a powerful real estate interest….” Read more HERE.

Philip Johnson’s very first commission, a house he designed in 1946 for Richard and Olga Booth, is on the market. The Bedford, NY home for a young advertising executive and his wife who wanted a weekend home within easy commuting distance to Manhattan ‘ …was the first Bauhaus-inspired home built in the New York northern metropolitan area, before Johnson built his famous Glass House in New Canaan, Conn., in 1949. Being sold by its second owner, Sirkka Damora bought the house in 1955 after renting it. At age 97, Sirkka Damora is moving to Boston to be closer to her children. See photos HERE.

There's no denying the many years I invested in a career in public broadcasting. Of the many colleagues I enjoyed spending time with were the folks at Arkansas's Educational Television Network. Their latest foray into celebrating the state's post-WW2 architecture is HERE. Anyone up for producing a documentary on our region's inventory...?

VROOM VROOM... Lloyd Ruocco's ride adjacent to his 'Il Cavo' residence in La Mesa.

Tuesday September 27, 2011

The Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles just launched their Pacific Standard Time exhibition "Golden State of Craft: California 1960 to 1985." The glowing review also mentions The Mingei’s ‘Craft Revolution’ show HERE.

ArtInfo outlines the more architecture-oriented of the many exhibitions under the Pacific Standard Time umbrella HERE.

DesignCrave are big fans of the Eames House living room being relocated to LACMA. Check it out HERE.

While we are all drooling over Greta Grossman's designs displayed at LACMA's 'California Design, 1930-1965' show, New York's Museum of Arts and Design is offering 'Crafting Modernism'. Learn more HERE.

VROOM VROOM... Nothing like combining my fascination with European sports cars with a passion for post-war architecture.
Pictured above: Russell Forester, his Jaguar and the ocean beyond...

Sunday September 25, 2011

Last night's opening of 'Phenomenal: California Light, Space, Surface' at MCASD was fantastic. With many of the living artists present the unveiling of a local Pacific Standard Time show couldn't have been better. We are looking forward to seeing the La Jolla exhibits counterpart in the downtown gallery (more HERE).

The LA Times is exhibiting great interest in Pacific Standard Time, especially the LACMA show. Read a blog post on California Design, 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way, or a full feature article on the same show HERE or an update (with video) on the Eames House living room installation (also at LACMA) HERE.

Don't leave town in November! Rumor has it the the ObjectsUSA gang is hosting a show & sale. As always visit their site HERE.

Lynn Fayman and Russell Forester examine a sculpture by Jack Boyd at an Orr's Gallery exhibition, mid-'60s

Friday September 23, 2011

In 1989, Elizabeth A.T. Smith curated the exhibition "Blueprints for Modern Living: History and Legacy of the Case Study Houses" at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The accompanying text is perhaps the best resource for understanding John Entenza’s optimistic view of post-War art, architecture, urbanism and technology. 22 years later, the LA Times reflects back on the exhibition catalog, and it’s as interesting as ever. Read the review HERE.

Kenneth Reiner, the wealthy industrialist who collaborated for more than a decade (ca. 1964-1974) with architect John Lautner on the distinctive Silver Lake residence, known widely as Silvertop, has died. He was 95. Read about him, the house, and Lautner HERE.

When San Diego City Beat writes 'The city lost another piece of contemporary architecture just last month when one of San Diego State University’s most iconic buildings—the historic Aztec Center designed in 1964 by Mosher & Drew Architects—was leveled. For its new student center, SDSU will seek comfort in the banality of Mission Revival style...' I can't be the only that pays attention. Read the article HERE.

Learn a bit more about The MAK Center's show 'Esther McCoy and the Heart of American Modernist Architecture and Design' HERE.

Once in a while I stop by THIS SITE and reflect on the great vintage photos they post routinely.

WE FOUND IT! La Mesa cool, now Mt. Helix drab.

Monday September 19, 2011

With Todd's help we found John Mock's residence for Robert Day (ca. 1959)! After speaking to the locals and searching home sales on the interwebs, we were able to locate the home at 4588 Conrad Drive in La Mesa. Check out images of the before-and-after-remodeling images of the home HERE.

Barbara Willis just passed away. She was 94. Willis, an influential California modernist ceramist was living in Malibu. Several years back Barbara and I connected – after listing a collection of her early pottery I came to own through an estate of a San Diegan, Barbara herself purchased the entire set. It was a fantastic interchange – one that I will never forget.  Mrs. Willis studied at UCLA in the late 1930s under the direction of potter Laura Andreson. According to the LA Modern Auctions site, ‘After graduating in 1941, Willis established a tiny studio in the back of her parents’ Los Angeles home where she produced pieces glazed in brilliant colors: “intense turquoise, citron/chartreuse, and deep Chinese red, colors that seem to have been made to order for today’s Modernist Revival sensibility… As she honed her bright glazes and simple forms, she expanded to a North Hollywood studio with fifteen employees. With the ability to mass-produce her forms using molds, Willis was able to offer attractive and modern pottery to the general public at reasonable prices. Check out the California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism for more.

1962 Rendering (by John R. Mock) of the Chuck B. Hope Residence (at 676 Albion Street)

Sunday September 18, 2011

Modernica is hosting their 'once a year factory sale' offering 20-80% off merchandise. Drive a truck to 2901 Saco Street, Los Angeles 90058 on Saturday October 1st. The sale is 9a-4p.

Consider supporting the Eames Foundation especially following your visit to the LACMA exhibition!

The Voice of San Diego's Randy Dotinga seems to have reflected on his comments about the Timken Museum by interviewing Director John Wilson HERE.

Chuck B. Hope Residence by Frank L. Hope & Associates at 676 Albion Street, Point Loma

Saturday September 17, 2011

The book/catalog for the upcoming Mingei show 'San Diego's Craft Revolution; From Post-War Modern to California Design' is available at the Mingei International Museum's store.
See the cover HERE. Dave Hampton's show opens October 16. Visit the show many times..!

If Modern San Diego sponsored a bicycling tour of local modern architecture, would you participate? Drop me a line HERE. Check out links to a Los Angeles bike tour HERE or one in New Orleans HERE.

Bonham's Los Angeles is hosting a '20th Century Decorative Arts' auction on October 16. More HERE.

From this image, is it possible for you to help locate John Mock's Robert Day Residence (ca. 1959) somewhere in La Mesa?

Wednesday September 14, 2011

The Getty-sponsored Pacific Standard Time exhibits website has launched HERE.

We are most keen on seeing the following Pacific Standard Time shows:
San Diego's Craft Revolution HERE.
Carefree California: Cliff May and the Romance of the Ranch HERE.
Common Ground: Ceramics in Southern California 1945-1975 HERE.
In Words and Wood: Sam Maloof, Bob Stocksdale, and Ed Moulthrop HERE.
The Evolution of the Eames House Living Room HERE.
Eames Designs: The Guest-Host Relationship HERE.
California Design 1930-1965: Living in a Modern Way HERE.
Esther McCoy and the Heart of American Modernist Architecture and Design HERE.
The Alchemy of June Schwarcz HERE.
Golden State of Craft: California 1960-1985 HERE.
Sam Maloof and Art in the Pomona Valley 1945-1985 HERE.

Curbed just reported on how LACMA is displaying the Eames House Living Room HERE.

Sotheby's auction on September 21 - 'A Mid-Century Eye: The Collection of Colleen Sullivan' catalog is HERE.

A number of updates to Russell Baldwin's page are HERE.

A number of updates to John Mock's page are HERE.

A number of updates to Frank Hope's page are HERE.

The FutureCraft Home in La Mesa.

Sunday September 11, 2011

Akin to Arts & Architecture Magazine's Case Study Houses, The FutureCraft Home of 1959 exemplified post-War living, technology and design. The home was held open for San Diegans to experience cutting-edge design and materials - especially steel. Learn more about 'The Futurecraft Home' HERE.

The Craig Krull Gallery, in Santa Monica, just opened a new show 'Julius Shulman: 80 Years of Photography'. This exhibition will include a range of iconic photographs of works by architects such as Neutra, Koenig, Lautner, Frey, and Eames, as well as early images from Shulman’s personal files. Learn more HERE.

Check out a great little biographical video on Greta Grossman HERE.

A dystopic science-fiction epic, World on a Wire, by German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder, offers a “…gloriously cracked, boundlessly inventive take on future paranoia.” In World on a Wire, Fassbinder tells the noir-spiked tale of reluctant action hero Fred Stiller, a cybernetics engineer who uncovers a massive corporate and governmental conspiracy – and the film was made in 1973 nearly a decade prior to Blade Runner. Fassbinders’ set design is an exquisite study of Radical Design  - design relied upon state-of-art materials, such as molded plastics, and created modular “space age” environments - with a hint of 1940s era film noir. Learn more about the film HERE as it travels North American screens.

Pierre Koenig’s Scott Residence, an early experiment in his steel and glass narrative, offered a new model for postwar suburban life, is up for sale. One of five projects predating his work for the Case Study program and virtually unaltered, this house, in Tujunga, is offered for sale by the original owners! See more HERE.


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