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Tucker, Sadler & Bennett AIA

Photograph by Julius Shulman © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

In October 1957, architects Tom Tucker and Hal Sadler, both with engineer Ed Bennett, designed their first building together, the Mission Hills Safeway, from a small office over a garage in Ocean Beach. The three just separated from working for Point Loma based architect Richard George Wheeler.

From the design of that small supermarket, moonlighting while still employed in Wheeler’s office, Tucker, Sadler & Bennett was born. Many of their early contracts stemmed from their work with Safeway – a client that developed from Wheeler’s portfolio.

Tucker and Bennett went on to design some of San Diego's most prestigious projects including the renovation of the historic U. S. Grant Hotel, the regional headquarters buildings for Union Bank, Security Pacific National Bank, and Bank of America's downtown offices.  The team also designed Children's Hospital and Health Center's Jean Hahn Surgical Pavilion, Beckman Center for Chemical Sciences at Scripps, and the expansion of the San Diego Convention Center. 

The firm is still active having operated for more than 50 years and becoming one of the largest architecture and engineering practices in San Diego. The firm had produced hundreds of residential and commercial projects. Among their most notable contacts were the First National Bank corporate high-rise headquarters in downtown, the County Operations Building (now demolished), and the Fire Station for the City of San Diego. The Fire Station later received an American Institute of Architects Award of Honor in 1960, the first year that the organization began awarding architectural achievement.

Born in Ada, Oklahoma in 1923, Thomas Tucker move to Escondido with his family at age 3. In 1943, he was drafted into the Army and deployed to Europe where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Corporal Tucker was wounded in 1944 – later acknowledged by a Purple Heart. In 2009 he was awarded the French Legion of Honor Chevalier Medal. He arrived home in 1945 and worked as a draftsman. Tucker became a licensed architect in 1955.

Born in Phoenix, Harold (Hal) G. Sadler attended Arizona State University’s School of Architecture in 1952, obtaining his Bachelors of Architecture, then transferred to USC where he received his Master’s degree in 1955. He began his architectural career working with the prestigious architecture firm of Jones & Emmons in Los Angeles. Hal was highly influenced by the firm’s principal, A. Quincy Jones. He moved to San Diego in 1957, where he briefly worked for Richard George Wheeler and later partnered with Tom Tucker and Ed Bennett to form their own firm. Mr. Sadler joined the San Diego AIA chapter in 1958. In 2007, Hal Sadler received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the California Council of the American Institute of Architects.

Mr. Sadler’s formative years were influenced by the region’s contemporary/progressive architecture while at USC and with the Los Angeles firms he was associated: Jones & Emmons, an early firm of A. Quincy Jones, and Pereira & Luckman.

Sadler loved the simple and clean approach to modernist construction techniques; the use of glass where the indoor-outdoor brought nature into the buildings as well the ability to view the building’s structural elements. Years later, the architect described his goals as “…the feeling of sitting in your living room and feeling like your landscape came directly into the interior of the building… I’ve always had outside showers that are part of the environment and outside of your master bedroom… so many things that go to creative living that make so much more of life than what it would be otherwise….”

According to Sadler, the residential buildings completed within the first 10 years were for clients that were close friends. The publication of these designs would lead to more opportunities. For instance, Hal’s relationship with Alec Cory and George Hutton through FedMart, led to the firm completing homes for Hutton and his daughter, Malvena Cory.

Partial List of San Diego Projects

Abbey Rents

Abbey Rents (1961)
2122 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego

Argo Hall (1967)
UC San Diego

Arnold and Mabel Beckman Research Center for Chemical Sciences
Scripps Research Institute

Blake Hall (1967)
UC San Diego

Carousel Apartments (1969)
3050 Rue d'Orleans, Ocean Beach

Cory, Mitchel and Malvena Residence (1958-1960)
10364 Bonnie Lane, Mt. Helix

County of San Diego Operations Center (1962)

Photograph courtesy of Daniel Soderberg

County of San Diego Operations Center (1962)
5555 Overland Avenue

De Groote Residence. Photo by George Lyons

De Groote, Dr. & Mrs. David Residence (1961)
3361 Ocean Front Walk
*1962 Award of Merit AIA San Diego; Published LA Times Home Magazine Feb 24 '63

Escondido National Bank (1968)
140 N. Escondido Blvd, Escondido

FedMart Stores (1960s)
Various Locations

First Congregational Church Apartments (ca. 1966)
6th & A
*250-unit retirement apartment building published in San Diego & Point - March 1966

Hutton Residence

Hutton, George O. Residence (ca. 1960-61)
10399 Bonnie Lane, Mt Helix
*Built by G.L. Cory

Larsen Residence (1966)
1405 Savoy Circle

Love Library (1960)
San Diego State University

Mission Bellwood Apartments (ca. 1966)
6800 Block of Friars Road on South Side
*Published in San Diego & Point - March 1966

Pacific Telephone Building

Pacific Telephone Building (1960)
6312 Potomac Avenue, National City

*Recognized at the 1964 United Masonry Association of San Diego Awards

Palomar Lanes (1959)
511 N. Escondido Avenue

Parking Garage (1965)
Centre City Concourse

Parking Garage (1963)
El Cortez Convention Hall and the International Motel, San Diego

Peterson, George & Evelyn Residence (1965)
7860 East Roseland Drive, La Jolla

Point Loma Inn (1961)
Point Loma

Residence Halls (1968)
UC San Diego, Revelle College

Revelle College Residence Halls (1968)
UC San Diego

Sadler Residence

Sadler, Harold G. Residence (ca. 1959-1960)
3860 Narragansett Street, Point Loma

*Award of Honor, AIA San Diego

Safeway Stores
Various locations

San Ysidro Fire Station (1960)
175 San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro
*Award of Merit, AIA San Diego 1960

Sciences Building (1959)
San Diego State University

Serra Mesa Public Library

Serra Mesa Branch Public Library (1963)
3440 Sandrock Road

Southern California First National Bank by Tucker, Sadler & Bennett. Photograph by Julius Shulman
© J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Southern California First National Bank (1966)
530 B Street

*Stood as the tallest building in the San Diego skyline for 25 years is completed

Telephone Building, Central Exchange (1962)

Terrace Building (1959)
*Granada Hall remodeled

Tucker, Sadler & Associates Office. Photograph by Julius Shulman
© J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)

Tucker, Sadler & Associates Office (1962)
2411 Second Avenue, San Diego