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Viejas, La Jolla

Viejas, La Jolla was in business circa 1959-1960. Designers and producers of mosaic panels, murals and lighting fixtures as well as tables, lighted panels, 'Mosaiglow' lamps, copper enamels, 'unusual gifts', 'art pieces', and 'objets d'art' all for 'commercial and residential decoration.'

With slogans like 'mosaics are our business...custom crafted for you', 'we specialize in creating the unusual in interior and exterior decorating' and 'visit our unusual studio' in their advertising, Viejas La Jolla stands out as a unique entry in San Diego's modern history.

Jack Boyd, billed as "one of San Diego's youngest silversmith's" joined the Allied Craftsmen in his early twenties (ca. 1954). Raised in Alpine, "Boyd made jewelry in the back room of a custom mosaics shop called Viejas on La Jolla Boulevard, and he had success with La Jolla patrons and galleries. Viejas made tables, lamps and wall panels that Boyd also worked on," according to Dave Hampton.

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Viejas, La Jolla advertisemo & Point - September, 1959

Viejas, La Jolla advertisement in San Diego & Point - November, 1960

Viejas, La Jolla advertisement in San Diego & Point - June, 1960

Viejas, La Jolla mosaic included in "Gifts You Can Buy Today" article in San Diego & Point - December, 1959

Viejas, La Jolla advertisement in San Diego & Point - September, 1959