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Weir Brothers, Weir Bros. and Larry Weir Adobe

Larry Weir (November 5, 1924 - July 11, 2012)
John Edward Weir (June 5, 1923 - Feb. 27, 2009)

Jack and Larry Weir

Jack Weir, one of the founders of Weir Bros. Construction passed away on February 27th, 2009 at the age of 85. For decades, Weir Bros. specialized in custom adobe structures – some designed in-house (by brother Larry) while others would enhance the talents of local architects like Sim Bruce Richards who adored adobe when not building in redwood, cedar and mahogany.

John Edward "Jack" Weir was born June 5, 1923, in Chicago. He was 12 when his mother passed away while giving birth to her sixth child. Growing up motherless during the Great Depression shaped his independent nature that would serve him well in life, according to his family. As a teen he worked for a traveling summer carnival. At age 18, he joined the Navy and was assigned to a select group of skilled pilots that trained to land on aircraft carriers.

It was while on military duty in San Diego that he met his future wife, Carnella Hall, at a dance at the Hotel Del Coronado. She moved from Arkansas to work for a munitions factory during the war. They were married on January 19, 1946, and had six children together.

After the war, Weir and his wife Connie settled in Encinitas, where he ran a gas station and auto body shop with his brother Larry. He lived in the apartment above the shop in a small wood building that still exists across the street from Swami's sandwich shop.

His daughters, “…particularly enjoyed hearing his stories about growing up during the Depression, when he would jump onto slow-moving trains and kick off enough coal to his waiting brothers to keep the family warm during those frigid Chicago winters. Later in life, Weir would make ends meet during the post-World War II economic slump by trading his auto body work for produce and other necessities. It was a combination of barter deals, in fact, that led to him establishing one of North County's most successful home-building companies.”

In 1947, after a large debt was paid with an acre of land on Idaho Street, Weir decided to build a home for his family on it. With a $3,000 loan and some old adobe bricks he acquired in another trade, he erected his first "mud'' house. Weir quickly sold the home for several thousand dollars, which he and his brother used to build six more homes on Windsor Avenue. Each was built with bricks made of sand and clay, mixed with water, and dried under the sun. By 1948 Weir Bros. Construction was up and running with Jack serving as contractor, Larry as the designer. In 1951, Weir moved to Escondido. There, he had access to a large supply of adobe at what is now Kit Carson Park. His company grew to 80 employees.

The brothers worked long hours building adobe homes. They started with small, inexpensive two-bedroom units and then expanded into Rancho Santa Fe by building high-end masterpieces. Either way, it was an acquired taste. "People either love adobe or they wouldn't even stable their horses in it," Weir said in a 1989 interview with the Los Angeles Times.

In 1988, Weir retired and turned the business over to his only son, Robert. The company now goes by the name of Weir Bros. Custom Homes Inc. and is located in Rancho Santa Fe.

Lawrence “Larry” Weir, a designer of numerous adobe houses in San Diego County and helped restore the Mission San Antonio de Pala in 1958, died on July 11, 2012 of heart failure. He was 87.

Son of Patrick Weir and Stella Bourgeois, Larry was born in Chicago on November 5, 1924. He served in the Navy from 1939 to 1946, where, during World War II he delivered supplies and briefly served as an aircraft gunner in the South Pacific. Following military service he moved to San Diego and with his three older brothers started Weir Brothers Construction, quickly establishing themselves as pioneers in adobe construction. In 1964 he started his own company Larry Weir Adobe.

Larry and Maria Ravettino were married on June 23, 1951. They had nine children: Larry Weir, Maria Werth, Estelle Harrison, Thomas Weir, Christine Herms, Catherine Le Bell, Theresa Moller, Michael Damian, and Joani Weir.

In 1964, Weir left the business to begin his own company, Larry Weir Adobe. That firm operated for about four decades and built homes across the county, including Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido, Encinitas and Poway.  Weir’s designs were rarely conventional. Weir drew inspiration from his time in the Navy by using rope to frame windows. He also built houses around the site, incorporating boulders and tree limbs into the structure’s design. On occasion he would visit a train yard and buy old parts for use in the construction of the homes.

While certainly adobe walls were their signature early on, passersby may also look for a signature placement of an old wagon wheel often embedded in a wall or a fence as well as round and large arched windows. Weir Brothers homes were often built of recycled lumber – decades before it was fashionable they would buy old piers and train trestles for the large beams used in their home designs. It has been said that Jack’s designs were square, while Larry’s depended on circles, turrets, and more rounded, creative patterns.

In an effort to document the whereabouts of the early adobe structures (Weir eventually had to change the focus of his company toward wood and stucco construction when building codes and earthquake standards dealt a blow to adobe dwellings in California) I am soliciting any and all help from the public in locating and identifying structures. Drop me a line at keith@modernsandiego.com if you know where a Weir Bros. adobe is.

Also of note is Mike Goodbody’s influence on the adobe home industry in Escondido and across Southern California. Beyond his work as project manager for many Weir Bros projects, he was a talented and innovative designer and builder of many adobe homes in the region. Mr. Goodbody reportedly owned Southwest Adobe which manufactured adobe blocks from their location near Kit Carson Park in Escondido.

Partial List of Weir Brothers Projects

Adobe Villas (built 1961-63), Escondido. Photograph by Eileen Magno

Anderson, George Robert Residence #1 (1951)
288 Neptune Drive, Encinitas
*Weir Bros homeowners George Anderson and Sid Shaw co-owned Surf Cleaners in Encinitas following their pilot/co-pilot time together in the US Navy during WW2.

Anderson, George Robert Residence #2 (1952)
1221 Windsor Road, Encinitas
*published in San Diego & Point Magazine

Aspel, Dr. Thomas and Barbara Residence (1964)
3149 Old Post Road, Fallbrook

Barend, William & Mary Jo Residence (1967)
2945 Verda Avenue, Escondido
*"Larry Weir designed plans for that location before we built but we did not use his design when we built the house," according to Mary Jo Barend.

Beebe Residence (1960)
9458 Del Dios Highway

Bergman Museum (1955)
Aguanga, CA

Bilty, Hazel Residence (1951)
Neptune Drive, Encinitas

Copelands, Admiral House
Park Hill Lane, Escondido

Crabe Residence
Country Club, Pauma Valley

Fouts, Dan Residence
San Diego

Goodbody, Mike Residence (1964)
1514 Robyn Rd. in Escondido.
*Mike was Weir Bros lead carpenter
*Bob Minkler drew the original plans for the house

Green Ranch
Las Palmas

Hinrichs, Suzy & Jack Residence
2362 Royal Crest Drive, Escondido

Hinrichs, Tom Residence

Hotchkiss, Bud & Donee Residence
Donee Diego Drive, Escondido

Jackson, James & Gretchen Residence (1964)
2775 La Palmas Avenue, Escondido

Johnson, Nancy Residence
Old San Pasqual Road

Johnson, Robert Residence (1969)
12415 Mesa Verde Drive, Valley Center
*Designed by Robert Johnson’s cousin Millard Sheets. Adobe construction by Weir Bros.

Kaufman, Julian Residence (1959)
3125 Montesano Road, Escondido

Klein, Gene Residence
San Diego

Kurtz, Rear Adm. Thomas R. Residence (1967)
11146 Valley Lights Drive, El Cajon

Lee, Sally Residence
Pauma Valley across from the clubhouse

McGurty, Mr. William H. & Mrs. (1964)
575 W. Armsley Square, Ontario, CA

Morehouse, Homer J. Spec House #1 (1959)
4245 Cobalt Drive, La Mesa

Morehouse, Homer J. Spec House #2 (1962)
8030 Shadow Hill Drive, La Mesa

Morehouse, Homer J. Residence (1963)
4250 Eastridge Drive, La Mesa

Pala Mesa Village (ca. 1971)
Tract of Weir Brothers designs
Via De Todos Santos, Fallbrook

Pala Mesa Resort (ca. ‘70s and ‘80s)
Tract of Weir Brothers designs

Paulson, Allen Residence
San Diego

Pauma Valley Country Club (ca. ‘60s and ‘70s)
Tract of Weir Brothers designs

Private Residence (1965)
Aguanga, CA

Private Residence
Big Sur, CA

Private Residence (1959)
3118 Quiet Hills Drive, Escondido
*Past attribution has stated this is the Reuben H. Fleet Residence
*In 1960 the home was sold to Peter and Judith Almand. It is unclear if they were the commissioning client or if this was a spec house sold to them.

Private Residence (1978)
17210 Archie Moore Road, Ramona

Private Residence (1960)
2678 Groton Place, Escondido

Private Residence (1972)
1317 Windsor Road, Cardiff

Private Residence (1961)
3215 Bernardo Lane, Escondido

Private Residence (1948)
1121 Via Loma Vista, El Cajon

Private Residence (1954)
2635 Loma Vista Drive, Escondido

Private Residence (1976)
10082 W. Lilac Road, Escondido

Private Residence (1959)
3188 Quiet Hills Drive, Escondido
*Wood for this project came from the old Ocean Beach pier

Private Residence (1978)
2405 Bernardo Avenue, Escondido

Private Residence (1978)
2050 La Serena, Escondido

Private Residence (ca. 1968)
2377 Royal Oak Drive, Escondido

Private Residence
10082 W Lilac Road, Escondido

Private Residence
2705 Ross Lane, Escondido

Private Residence
16251 Bandy Canyon Rd Escondido

Private Residence
3125 Montesano Rd Escondido

Private Residence
3215 Bernardo Lane Escondido

Private Residence
16251 Bandy Canyon Road, Escondido

Private Residence
2765 Las Palmas Ave, Escondido

Private Residence
2411 Our Country Rd, Escondido

Private Residence
2159 Rockhoff Road, Escondido

Private Residence
2608 South Escondido Blvd, Escondido

Private Residence (1967)
4326 Citrus Drive, Fallbrook

Private Residence
3196 Old Post Road, Fallbrook

Private Residence (1967)
3870 Laketree Drive, Fallbrook

Private Residence (1962)
32946 Camino Ortega, Warner Springs

Private Residence (1964)
3355 Old Post Road, Fallbrook

Private Residence (1970)
1735 Caudor, Leucadia

Private Residence (1969)
13747 Acorn Patch Road, Poway

Private Residence (1969)
13735 Acorn Patch Road, Poway

Private Residence
Arroyo Vista, Poway

Private Residence (1964)
29433 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center

Private Residence (1958)
16630 Avenida Florencia, Poway

Private Residence
Cambria Court, San Diego

Private Residence (1976)
14702 Tyler Road, Valley Center

Private Residence (1978)
3225 Emma Lane, Vista

Private Residence (1988)
14217 Highway 76
Pauma Valley

Private Residence (1973)
14213 Highway 76
Pauma Valley

Private Residence (1978)
4033 Ladera Vista Road

Private Residence (1975)
3839 Ladera Vista Road

Private Residence (1977)
4057 Ladera Vista Road

Pusateri, Frank Residence (1969-70)
32350 Katkat Court, Pauma Valley

Ross Residence (1961)
2705 Ross, Escondido

Saar, Richard Residence (1991)
14927 Lyons Valley Road, Jamul

Shaw, Sid and LaVerne Residence (1959)
661 Melba Drive

Smith Residence
Just off Cole Grade Rd., Valley Center

Spivey Residence (1981)
131 Seeman Drive, Encinitas

Stolp, Clyde and Dotte Residence
Boyle Avenue

Summers, Harry Residence
San Diego

Thunder, Joseph & Genevieve Residence (1964)
2195 E. Madison Avenue, El Cajon

Varner Residence (1979)
111 Seeman Drive, Encinitas

Walseth Residence (1964)
705 Idaho Avenue, Escondido

Weir Bros Adobe Construction Co. Offices (ca. 1960s)
1538 S. Escondido Blvd., Escondido

Weir Residence (1958)
738 Idaho Street, Escondido

Weir, Robert Sr. Residence (1966)
1914 Summit Ridge Drive, Escondido

Weir Bros. Offices
Sterling Court, Escondido

Adobe Villas (built 1961-63), Escondido. Photograph by Eileen Magno