Bruce Dammann

Architect | 1939

Following graduation from the University of Illinois, Bruce worked in Indiana and in Los Angeles before joining Tucker, Sadler & Bennet here in San Diego. Later Bruce worked for Paul W. Mckim & Associates prior to launching the firm PBD Architects Associated in 1972.

Bruce Dammann was born in Chicago in 1939 and graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1963. Following graduation he worked in Indiana (for 2 years) and then in Los Angeles (for 1 year) before joining Tucker, Sadler & Bennet, under the direction of Hal Sadler, in San Diego. While working for Paul W. Mckim & Associates (for 2 years), Bruce worked from the Design Center on Fifth Avenue where Leonard Veitzer, Don Goldman, Lloyd Ruocco, Joe Yamada, and John Oldenkamp worked and Ilse Ruocco ran the Design Center retail store and interior design firm.

Mr. Dammann established PBD Architects Associated in 1972 along with O.W. Phipps and Richard Bundy. Bundy left firm in 1974 and O.W. Phipps passed away in 1980 from cancer. Bruce closed PBD Architects in 1995 and concentrated on developing housing projects in San Diego by becoming partners with developers concentrating on small in-fill residential projects. He retired from practice in 2010 after involvement in over 300 projects throughout San Diego.

Partial List of Projects

Adams, Richard & Gail Residence (1986)
2885 Fallbrook Lane

Beetles House (1983)
3066 Arroyo Drive

Cramer House (1971)
2906 Chicago Street

Dammann Condominiums
1304 24th Street

Dammann Homes
3169 A Street

Dammann, Ray Residence (1976)
637 Travelodge Drive
*For the architect's parents

Dammann Townhouses (ca. 1982)
1429 Edgemont Street
1433 Edgemont Street
1437 Edgemont Street
1441 Edgemont Street
1445 Edgemont Street
1449 Edgemont Street

Dammann Townhouses (1973)
2953 Erie Street
2957 Erie Street
2965 Erie Street

Davies House (1980)
2841 Fallbrook Lane

Edgemont Mews (1986)
1401 Edgemont Street

Energy Conservation House for Family Circle Magazine (1975)
1205 Canter Road, Escondido
*Approximately 7,000 plans of this design were sold by Family Circle Magazine between 1975-1976

Golden, Robert House (1974)
381 Silvergate Drive

Hall House (1975)
2104 El Amigo Drive

Leipman House (1973)
2916 Chicago Street

Mosley House (1994)
1855 Lyndon Road

Miller, Kenneth Residence (1978)
3075 Curlew Street

Rast House (1980)
4204 Falcon Street

Silverberg Residence (1978)
3065 Curlew Street

Thompson House (1976)
4135 Dillon Way

Wood, William House (1971)
2965 Erie Street