Norm Applebaum

Architect | 1939-2020
Norm (left) and photographer Julius Shulman (right) in November 1983

Norm received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Arizona State University in 1968, and was mentored by the late Calvin Straub. He studied under Paolo Soleri for five years and worked in Homer Delawie’s office prior to striking out on his own. Licensed since 1972, Applebaum is known for a number of artistically designed projects.

Norm (left) and photographer Julius Shulman (right) in November 1983

Architect Norm Applebaum enjoyed friendships with Cliff May, Cal Straub among others during his early professional years while working in Homer Delawie’s office prior to striking out on his own.

Among the architects he has sought inspiration from are Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolph Schindler, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Bernard Maybeck, Cliff May, Cal Straub and John Lautner. "Mr. Wright always said that architecture is the mother art," Applebam recently said. "I do believe it. I practice as an artist. All my homes are done artistically. I don't do any development or tract work or spec work. All my individual custom homes are art."

Partial List of Projects

Appleby, Carl and Eileen Residence (1982)
16055 El Guejito Grade Road, Escondido

Bateman Residence (1994)
Rancho Santa Fe

Brandes Residence #1 ‘Prong House’ (1994)
Rancho Santa Fe

Brandes Residence #2 'The Estate’ (2005)
15880 El Camino Real, Rancho Santa Fe

Brown, Charlie House (1986-88)
Fairbanks Ranch

DeGenaro House (1977)
La Jolla

Druckman Residence (1987)
La Jolla

Ellestad, Roger Residence (2012-2017)
De Luz, California

Ellis Residence (1994)
Annapolis, Maryland

Four Points Hotel Remodel (1996-97)

Gillespie Residence (AKA ‘The Wedge’)
Destroyed by fire in 2003

Gould Residence (1987)
Ephiram, Wisconsin

Haimsohn, Edward and Shirley Residence (1985)
924 Albion Street

Hargarten, Jerome Residence (1985)

Hultman Residence (2012)

Krichman, Alan & Joyce Residence Remodel (1975-76)
2377 Royal Oak Drive, Escondido

KTU&A Building
4th & Robinson

Kyles Residence (2007)

Laventhal, Carol and Dick Remodel
*Original home by Hester-Cody

Matheron, Richard C. Residence #1 (AKA ‘Wings’) (1991-92)
*Destroyed by fire in 2007

Matheron, Richard C. Residence #2 (2009)
15234 Sky High Road, Escondido

McElliot Residence (1988)
Scripps Ranch

Mueller Residence (1996)

Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Clubhouse (1992)
Rancho Santa Fe

Schmitt, Conrad & Sera Residence (1977)
3965 Bandini Street, Mission Hills

Shapiro, Richard Residence (2003)
Rancho Santa Fe

Shaevitz Residence (1984)
Fairbanks Ranch

Shapiro, Richard Residence (2002)
Cornelia, Georgia

Slonhim House (1981)
Rancho Bernardo

Starkman, Linda Residence (AKA ‘Fox Hollow’) (2015)
Paso Robles

Summers Residence (1988)
Rancho Santa Fe

Susynski Residence (1998)
June Lake, California Mueller Residence

FOR SALE: Matheron House by Norm Applebaum (2010)

15234 Sky High Rd Escondido, CA, 92025 4 Bed 3 Bath $2,500,000